RHOA Phaedra– Shemar–Shawna ??

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Phaedra Parks may have a new boo, she seems to be getting up, close and personal with the sexy a$$ Shemar Moore. Rumors regarding the two have exploded through social media, but it may have something to do with him dating Shawna Gordon who is a professional football player.

Shemar and Phaedra appeared on Watch What Happens Live where they were flirting with each other and if Shawna is his girlfriend, how could he be all over Phaedra on national television? It appears that Phaedra is ready to get her freak on with Shemar as soon as her divorce is final but it doesn’t seem as if Shemar wants to wait for her divorce to be final, he was all over her. I’m sure Shawna had issues with her man all on Phaedra but word on the street, he is allegedly dating both women.

Shemar is not a married, he is 46 years old and enjoying his life. He isn’t actually tied to one particular female, it looks like he’s playing the field and there is nothing wrong with that. Shemar is a very private man, he has dated several women in the industry and he never kisses and tells, that why we had no idea if he was gay or straight. Its a shame we think just because a man is single with no children, means he is gay and if he was gay, so be it, but I’m glad he isn’t because he makes my heart flutter.

Shemar addresses the gay rumors, he says speculation that he’s gay is ‘”simpleminded ignorance.” The actor, decided to open up about his life and the gay rumors. On his Instagram, comments from fans and followers believe he is really gay, even though he continues to deny those allegations.

Shemar and Shawna, have allegedly been dating since last year but is he really dating Shawna or is he really dating Phaedra? He better know like we know, Phaedra is shady as HELL, he may want to stick with Shawna if they are still together.

Phaedra explained how happy she is to finally be divorced, she’s delusional, she’s knows good and damn well she isn’t divorced yet. But, that’s Phaedra with her lies and the ability to lie with a straight face. That’s attorney’s for you, she plays her part well.

A viewer calls Watch What Happens Live and asked Phaedra a question regarding her life as a single mother, “Phaedra, my question is, now that you’re recently single, what kind of man are you looking for?” Getting an answer from Phaedra, is like getting an answer from a dog. As you can guess, she will talk in circles while avoiding the question at hand.

Phaedra responded to the caller by explaining that she had found the man she was looking for. She says that she’s no longer looking for a man because Shemar was sitting right next to her as he continued to kiss her. We know he’s an actor, was he acting for the camera’s or are these two really dating?

Shemar seems to be in a very sticky situation and if the rumors that he is dating Phaedra and Shawna at the same time are true, he may lose both unless they don’t mind sharing him. Maybe they all have an open relationship, that’s the thing now. I know Shemar needs to run for the hills if he is claiming Phaedra as his other girlfriend. She is shady as f$ck and he doesn’t need to be with a woman like her.