RHOA–Phaedra & Porsha Drama!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion for season 9 is definitely a reunion that will explode and expose many secrets. This reunion show we are definitely anticipating and we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the showdown. Most of the drama will be between Porsha, Kandi and Phaedra and the seating chart shows Phaedra and Kandi on either side of Andy Cohen.

Several sources confirm that Porsha and Phaedra’s relationship will fall apart on the stage during the reunion. They claim that it starts with all the lies Phaedra has told throughout the season. Kandi starts going in on her ex-bestie Phaedra when Porsha jumps in and finishes the job, revealing Phaedra as the “somebody” who told her that Todd and Kandi were going to drug and rape her. WHAT THE HECK!! DAMN!!

Apparently that’s what had Andy Cohen in a tizzy on social media, all of the Frick and Frack drama. Kandi and Phaedra are both in the hot seats, as they address their beef with each other, but it sounds like Kandi didn’t need to do much. Porsha and the producers knocked Phaedra out all by herself and that is so surprising to me because Phaedra and Porsha were tied together the entire season. So, that’s probably why Phaedra was trying to keep her friendship with Porsha but I guess Porsha has realized that Phaedra wasn’t her true friend.

We never see Phaedra being nasty or crude, especially with any sexual gestures. Kandi claims that this is actually the real Phaedra and that she, Porsha, and Sheree were under the impression that the cameras weren’t rolling during that conversation.

The lunch scene where Phaedra used her hand gestures to describe Kandi and Shamea was not a good look for Phaedra. Shw was spilling the tea and acting as if she had nothing to do with any of those rumors when we all saw what she did and what she said. We know that Phaedra isn’t a miss goodie two shoe and she can be just as shady as anyone else. Porsha looked like the worst “best friend” in the entire world for allowing Phaedra to talk negatively about her girl Shamea and adding her in this mess. I couldn’t understand why Porsha never defended Shamea but Shamea never defended Porsha either. They have a weird friendship but its there’s.

Phaedra rarely curses on camera, so to see her making a sexual hand gesture to describe Kandi and Shamea while she whispered “they f-ck” was very shocking, but it all makes sense now that Kandi explained how things work behind the scenes. They had no idea the cameras were recording them.

Kandi explained, “That’s what I try to tell people. There’s things that Phaedra does and says off-camera that she never does on-camera, so that’s why you guys don’t get to see the real deal. But that episode, they caught her red-handed.” Yes, they did. Although Kandi got brought into a scandalous story, at the very least, her enemy looked shady as hell. Phaedra played herself and at the same time, she thought she was going to get Kandi but she was the one who got it in the end.

Kandi has no issue with the scene airing even though the women were gossiping about her. Kandi admitted, “I think it was so funny. I actually cracked up laughing when I saw that episode.” I don’t blame her. That was a really unflattering scene for Phaedra, so it can definitely be chalked up as a win for Kandi.

It all hits the fans during the reunion show and we will get to see how it all unfolds!!