RHOA Phaedra Parks Fired???

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta definitely had a drama filled season and according to several sources, the reunion show exploded. Most of the drama, shadiness, lies and betrayals all came from our favorite southern bell, Ms. Phaedra Parks. Rumors are spreading like wildflower that Phaedra has been let go from the hit reality show. I find that hard to believe, only because Phaedra is one of a kind. Meaning, her shadiness, lies and her “fix it Jesus,” moments, bring ratings to the hit reality show.

However, several Sources have allegedly stated that Phaedra was not given her contract for season 10 of the hit reality show. Maybe her attorney is reviewing her contract, oh damn, I forgot she’s a shady attorney, there is no telling what’s going on with Phaedra. She hides information so well, she may be leaking this information to keep her on the show but, I still find it hard to believe that she is fired from the show.

As viewers and fans, we watched how she used Porsha and allowed her to take the blame for the rumors she continued to spread. Phaedra never once defended Porsha, but Porsha defended Phaedra until the end. She was caught in so many lies this season that even the producers, as well as Andy Cohen is tired of her lies and her shadiness. She even brought fake divorce papers to the reunion, when we all know that the judge denied her divorce motion due to her lying on the paperwork by mis-spelling her soon to be ex-husband Apollo’s last name. Phaedra is so shady, Apollo did his dirt, we all believe Phaedra was a part of his credit card scheme, but he chose to take the hit, someone had to be with their sons. As soon as Apollo was charged and sentenced, Phaedra was ghost. Unfortunately, Apollo has allegedly been caught in prison doing the same thing, credit card fraud. I see why she married him, he is fine but dumber than a box of rocks.

Allegedly, producer Carlos King will not be returning to the show as well, rumors are spreading that his departure may have something to do with Phaedra trying to blame the lesbian lie she told Porsha on him. That’s what Phaedra does, she is a shady attorney, she always plays the blame game and its never her fault.

Phaedra’s rep denied the allegations that Phaedra has been fired from the show, stating that the rumors are “untrue.” Phaedra has been apart of the reality show since 2010. However, if she were to leave, she has 99 degrees and 99 jobs. Her money is still long, she may walk away after this season, she would have no one in her corner, but Bravo firing her, there are worse housewives that may have done worse or on the way to doing worse. They need the ratings and without Phaedra, I can’t see the show thriving unless Nene Leakes returns as a full time cast member, we realize she is returning with Kim Zolciak, but its not a full time position.

Whether these rumors are true or not, we will not know for sure until Season 10 returns!!