RHOA Phaedra Parks FIRED

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion went into four parts this season and that was a first for the housewives franchise. There were bombs being dropped everywhere and Phaedra Parks was the target.

Allegedly, it has been official, Phaedra has been fired from the hit reality show and that was expected due to her lies and manipulation this past season. Its about time the southern bell was caught and the repercussions of her actions is the reason she was let go. The rumors she spread about Kandi and Todd, the sex dungeon, the drugs and the “Marvin,” situation was enough reason to fire that a$$.

Supposedly, Phaedra has known since April of this year that she was let go but she was doing her best to get the producers not to let her go but it was too much with her this season. Several sources close to Bravo reported a few weeks ago that Phaedra was the only housewife who didn’t receive an invitation to return back to the show but I guess it wasn’t set in stone until the reunion aired all four parts and how her manipulation took over social media, a ratings high for Bravo.

The executive producers felt like Phaedra’s actions were “so out of line” they couldn’t continue working with her and allowing her to be apart of the show after the chaos and the turmoil she created. If Phaedra owned her sh$t, she may not have been fired, but she will never own her sh$t and that’s why she is the position she is in now. The attorney gets herself fired because of her shadiness and evilness towards Kandi and Todd which still has me baffled as to why she went to great lengths to hurt them in that way. She definitely underestimated Porsha, she played her like a fiddle but she thought she had the upper hand.

Phaedra had an interview last month with PEOPLE Magazine and she informed them that she had no regrets with regards to her behavior this season, I wonder if she has regrets now since she has been fired? She showed no remorse at all, she didn’t care who she hurt in the process as long as it wasn’t her, but KARMA IS A B$TCH!!

“What’s meant to happen will happen,” Phaedra said during her People Magazine interview. “They say you’re set up to step up for the next thing, right? I know that I’m fortunate. I know that good things happen to me because I have my feet on frugal ground. I can’t regret anything, but I know it was destined to happen.””

“I would love to continue,” she said. “Obviously the show documents your journey, and every journey has its ups and downs.”

Well that ain’t gonna happen and its a wrap for the southern bell, I wonder what Apollo thinks about his estranged wife, her lies and being fired from the show? It kind of makes you feel like Apollo was set up by her too, she dug her own grave.