RHOA Phaedra & Her Mom Suing Vibe!

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It looks like our favorite southern bell, Phaedra Parks will continue to make herself relevant even after her shady display during the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion. I really respected Phaedra and looked up to her as one of the leading most intelligent black women making moves for herself. She’s an attorney, a reality star, she has several degrees, several jobs, a wife and a mother, she seemed to be doing it all but something had to give and she did.

To now see that black intelligent woman that I looked up to lie on a once good friend, calls in to question any and everything she has been apart of especially with Apollo, her husband who is serving 8 years in a Federal Prison. Apollo has stated on a number of occasions, that he pled guilty and took the rap for the both of them but Phaedra was apart of his identity fraud and she knew exactly what he was doing. It makes sense, she was his wife and as a wife, you know what your husband is doing. With all of her degrees and her intelligence, Apollo couldn’t have been doing anything without her knowledge and that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Now, Phaedra has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against VIBE Magazine over accusations made in a book they published. VIBE allegedly financially backed an online book published in the memoirs, written by an ex-con, Angela Stanton. Ms. Stanton and Phaedra have a long history and the last time I checked, Ms. Stanton was suing Phaedra, we never found out how that lawsuit ended but apparently Ms. Stanton because the book was published online.

Not only is Phaedra sewing VIBE but so is her mother, Pastor Regina Bell, like mother like daughter. Pastor Regina is the mother of Phaedra, she recently filed a lawsuit against VIBE regarding the online book “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil.”

Pastor Regina says the publishing company, Vibe Holdings, is financially responsible any damages due to her character caused by the publishing company where the author accuses Pastor Regina of “witch-doctory” and concocting potions to abort children. That does seem a little far fetched, concocting potions to abort babies, it seems like somebody was reaching for something and now they have reached themselves into a lawsuit. Pastor Regina has never displayed any witch crafting or witch doctory ideas on her daughters reality show and that would have been the perfect place to try it, so I definitely don’t believe that.

Phaedra’s mom says all of the accusations are false and says she has been a respected preacher in her community for over 33 years. She doesn’t exhibit that type of behavior on or off television. No, we don’t know her personally, just like we don’t know Phaedra personally and we could be getting dupped again, this time by her mom but I just can’t see it or feel it. Phaedra is a different person, she showed us who she really was this past season on her reality show and we don’t care whether she wins or loses this lawsuit.

According to the legal documents, Pastor Regina is demanding a retraction of the statements and $6 million in damages from VIBE, saying she never created any potions, or offered to help abort unborn children and that she has been publicly hated and ridiculed because of the book. Damn, but I wonder if it is really due to the book or due to her daughters behavior that was just revealed on the reunion show?

We’ll just have to wait and see, looks like Pastor Regina will be paid in full.