RHOA Peter Thomas Pulled Box Cutter On Matt Jordan!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta has been exploding bombs after bombs this season. Even the men of the hit reality show are beefing with each other and its really pathetic.

Last month rumors hit social media like wildfire when sources reported that Matt rolled up on Peter at a radio station in North Carolina and hit him in the face. Matt was allegedly upset with Kenya, she was supposed to pay him $10,000 to not appear on the housewives reunion and thus far, she has not paid him.

Matt claims that Todd and Peter schooled him on how to get paid by Kenya through Bravo. Apparently the men make a certain percentage of their wives salary for appearing on the show. But Matt was not married to Kenya, he didn’t deserve any percentage from Bravo unless Kenya was going to pay him herself. And we know how Kenya works, she pays for her men but for whatever reason, she never paid Matt, allegedly.

After their altercation, Peter pressed charges and a warrant was issued for Matt’s arrest. He and Kenya definitely had an explosive season but I never believed she wanted him. Once Moore Manor was complete, she didn’t need Matt anymore, therefore she dismissed him but played with his mind at the same time. He took his frustrations out on Peter instead of Kenya. Now Peter is admitting that he actually pulled a box cutter on Matt at the radio station.

That little bit of information was left out but Peter who has since been divorced from Cynthia claims he pulled the box cutter out after Matt attacked him.

Well, that was self defense, Matt appears to be a huge man and he is a fitness trainer, he could probably flip Peter a couple of times with just one hand but Peter claims that Matt came for him and he had the box cutter in his pocket, why? I’m not sure but he pulled it out to protect himself, at age 56, he was not into fighting Matt who is like 6’5″ and not even 30 years old yet.

Peter claims he got a hold of Matt by his neck and he held his neck against the box cutter to his face. Yea, I would like to see that. I just can’t believe that Peter was able to get a hold of Matt by his neck as big as he is, but anything is possible. Peter claims that Matt panicked, thinking maybe Peter would use that box cutter on him but he didn’t, I think the average person would panic with a box cutter close to his or her face.

The beef between Peter and Matt had to do with money, Peter admits they discussed money, but he denies encouraging him to exploit Kenya for money, but according to Matt, Kenya was supposed to pay him anyway.

This was a petty beef, Matt had no reason going after Peter for money that wasn’t his anyway. Peter is too old to be getting into fights with anyone.

Hopefully they have resolved their issues but I doubt it.