RHOA NeNe Leakes Speaks!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Nene Leakes does not hold back when it comes to Phaedra or Porsha, from day one she has been telling these ladies about the real Phaedra and they didn’t listen. I guess they thought Nene was jealous of Phaedra, nooooo, they attended the same high school and lived in the same town. Naturally she would know more about Phaedra than any of the ladies.

Nene was the issue, she caused to much confusion and drama between these ladies, but when she left, these ladies got worse. Porsha and Cynthia fought on a small boat on the first season without Nene but she was the trouble, Kenya and Shamea had words on that same boat where Kenya wanted her removed from the boat. It has been many physical altercations on the show without Nene, she was the never the problem, just because she was outspoken and didn’t take any bull from anyone that makes her the problem?

Nene isn’t buying Porsha or Phaedra’s lies, I didn’t believe Porsha crocodile tears, they seemed calculated. Porsha’s questions to Phaedra made her admit to the rumors and the lies about Kandi and Todd. As an attorney she spread rumors about a couple that wasn’t true, the State Bar of Atlanta should be investigating the southern bell who has 1000 jobs and 1000 degrees. Why would Porsha repeat a rumor about Todd and Kandi without having a one on one conversation with Kandi first? Because, Phaedra posed the rumor in a way that Porsha wouldn’t need to verify her BFF’s claims.

That’s where Porsha was wrong, even when Phaedra told her this information, she still should have gone to Kandi and at least informed her of these rumors before the season began filming. It seems to me that both, Porsha and Phaedra wanted to ruin Kandi’s reputation and her livelihood. As Nene stated, this was a show she was instrumental in making a hit, these two girls have damaged and dirtied her show while vying for a position.

Nene says Porsha isn’t as dumb as we thought, I don’t know about that, but I do believe her tears were fake and I believe she realized she was being set up by Phaedra before the reunion and she plotted her get back. I don’t believe she came to that revelation on her own but according to the streets, Porsha is partying in the clubs saying she flipped the script on her ex-BFF.

Nevertheless for Porsha and Phaedra to carry these lies about Todd and Kandi was careless and evil. Phaedra knows that Kandi doesn’t do drugs and to spread a rumor that she and her husband were going to drug Porsha and her friend Shamea, get them back to their house so they could take advantage of them sexually was more than cruel. I continue to say that I would have caught a case and I would have.