RHOA Kim VS Kenya!!

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Clearly Kenya Moore has some deep rooted issues, I get that she has issues with her mom who abandoned her, but Kenya had an entire family who loved and cared about her. Although they weren’t her mother, she had love, she needs to move on with her life so that she can be happy.

I believe the reason she is so extra, a drama queen and can’t keep a man is due to her abandonment issues. If she doesn’t seek help for those issues, she will always find herself alone and most real men want a real woman who can handle themselves in any situation. It’s evident she can’t, she has proven herself on several occasions that the elevator has never reached the top.

Sheree has finally completed Chateau Sheree even though rumors are still spreading that she owes contractors and taxes, her mansion maybe in foreclosure, allegedly but she will fake it, til she makes it, that’s just who she is. Her mansion took close to 5 years to complete and it does look amazing compared to Kenya’s house which is a nice as well, in some areas.

On the season finale, Sheree has a housewarming and she events Kim Zolciak. Kim and Kenya have never really gotten along but they were only on the show together for a brief moment but, that was enough time for the two not to like each other.

When Kim and husband Kroy entered Chateau Sheree for her housewarming, Kenya immediately tried coming for Kim but one thing about Kim Zolciak, she isn’t afraid of anyone and Kenya tried the wrong one. Kim told her, she wants what she has, a husband and a child, yea she hit below the belt, but Kenya needed to be knocked down off her high horse. After the two had their verbal squat, Kenya claims the real issue behind her coming for Kim, is because she wants her peach back.

First of all, Kim is an original housewife from day one, if she wanted that peach back, trust me, she could have swiped it a long time ago. Kenya is worried about the wrong sh$t, she needs to be worrying about where deranged a$$ Matt is.

Kenya says during an interview that, “she’s coming for my purse. She’s trying to get back on the show. She came for me at Sheree’s housewarming. Obviously, you know who to come for if you’re trying to get a peach back.

Writing on blogs, ‘I hate that b***.’I’ve always respected Kim, I’ve always given her love. […] Like really, you are so bothered by me so clearly you are trying to get back.”

Kenya has never liked Kim, she is so delusional and she doesn’t need to come for her purse, Bravo asked her and Nene to return, so is Nene coming for her purse as well? Girl, Kenya is not that important and her name is not ringing any bells!!