RHOA Kenya VS Porsha!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, the drama has begun and I don’t see relationships getting better. After a drama-packed season of name-calling, betrayal, gossip and even an arrest.

Kenya Moore has been known for inching her way into situations that don’t necessarily involve her, and Cynthia’s attack against Porsha is no different on the upcoming episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

While Kenya, who is Cynthia’s self-proclaimed best friend, wasn’t involved directly in the fight, other than hosting the boat party that it took place on, she decided to sit down with Porsha after the assault.

Interestingly enough, Porsha and Kenya have had their own physical altercation when she lunged at Kenya and drug her to the ground by her hair during the sixth season reunion.

Two seasons later, they are finally able to have a sit down, but this time it’s about Cynthia and Porsha, who definitely isn’t believing Kenya’s claim as to why she is there.

Kenya begins by telling Porsha that she wanted to “help” her “in any kind of way. Porsha later told cameras, “Why does she have opinion about a fight she had nothing to do with?”

Kenya is a sh$t starter, she is not trying to help Porsha, she just wants to get rid of her. Kenya later points out that Porsha initially wanted to apologize to Cynthia, but that’s not how things ended.

“I saw you straddle her. That resulted in violence.”

Porsha was still unbothered and had no problem telling Kenya, “I don’t need you to come talk to me. I don’t trust you…You don’t have any compassion for me and I know that.”

Cynthia is a different woman, she is opening her mouth now, but why didn’t she open her mouth while BFF’s with NeNe?? I think she is playing her infamous games and she doesn’t really want anyone to see that she has made progress.

Kenya took that as a jab and said she didn’t need to hear that part. Who died and made Kenya the Ambassador?? No one did, she can’t handle her own men that she claims to have several.