RHOA Kenya Moore Ultimatum

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore is always in some drama but she needs this drama to keep her peach. Now that the reality star is allegedly married, which I personally don’t believe but if she is married, she paid him to keep her coins but I digress, she is being very secretive with her alleged new husband and now BRAVO producers want her to show off him off on the new season of the hit reality show or she will lose her peach.

Allegedly, Kenya has a choice, her alleged new husband or her position on Real Housewives, Bravo and the producers were already angry that she married a man without the show being involved but I wonder if the show even believes she is really married? We don’t trust Kenya, she lies so easily, to the point she believes her own lies. How is she married to this man when she put Matt Jordan, her ex-boyfriend from last season through so much HELL?

Reliable sources close to the Bravo producers indicate they only want Kenya on the show if they can document her relationship with her alleged husband, Marc Daly. Kenya claims her husband wants nothing to do with the show because he doesn’t like how the reality show portrays black men. However, if these two are really married, he knew she was on the show and the husbands are typically apart of the show, so why is he objecting to appearing on the show? It’s not like he will be a permanent part of the show and if he has watched the show, apparently he has, then he knows the husbands aren’t really on the show and if they are, they are appearing for only minutes. His reason, if it is his reason, this could be Kenya standing in the way, we know she’s about the spotlight and her alleged new husband make take the spot from her. But his alleged reasoning is what give me pause, I really don’t believe they are married.

According to reliable sources close to Kenya, the BRAVO producers are not playing with her, she either has to persuade her alleged new husband to appear on the show, or they’re going to be giving her a pink slip. Kenya definitely needs a new story line, last season she may as well have been invisible, nobody cared about her fake a$$ drama. If she wants to keep her peach, she better make sure that man is on tv. Allegedly Kenya is currently taking IVF treatments in hopes of getting pregnant, and we all know events like that are TV a ratings hit. What I can believe, she may have gotten married to have a baby but other than that, she needs to prove to the viewers this marriage is real, we are watching her in a reality show, getting over on the very people who watch your show is some bull donkey.

Kenya is apparently fighting back with the producers, we know Kenya loves a good fight, it causes drama which turns into attention and we know that’s Kenya Moore, Drama Queen Extraordinaire, arguing that her contract only requires for her to appear on the show, not her husband. She knows good and damn well she wasn’t married when she signed that contract, she’s gonna lose that peach and when she does, we will celebrate, its time for her to go bye bye.