RHOA Kenya Moore Confirms Marriage

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Ms Drama Queen herself, Kenya finally confirms that she is married. I still say she paid this man to be her husband, this is her track record and know one believes anything that comes out her mouth.

Kenya allegedly twirled down the aisle last weekend in St. Lucia with family and friends as they watched the drama queen get married. Kenya has been wanting to get married for years and anytime you have to pay a man to be your boyfriend on a show several time is whack a$$ behavior. Was she creeping on the low low with her new husband while dating Matt? Maybe that’s why he had issues with Kenya, maybe he found out his girl was creeping on the low with her now new husband! It does explain a lot, at least to me.

Kenya’s alleged husband is a businessman who she met a year ago and the two began dating, she is keeping him under wraps for now, I guess she doesn’t want to jinx this marriage by allowing the world to make judgments on her life and her decisions.

“I’m just ecstatic,” Kenya says, “this man is the love of my life and I’m so happy to begin our lives together as husband and wife.”

Now that she has confirmed she is indeed married, what’s next for the drama queen? Kenya needed a story line desperately for the housewives or she could be let go as well and we all know how Kenya is about her coins. Pics hit social media like wild fire this week when it was rumored that she got married.

The Bravo cameras were not filming the wedding and several reliable sources are swirling that producers are extremely mad at Kenya allegedly, for keeping her marriage a secret.

Why would Bravo be angry with her because she allegedly got married? Did they want to film the ceremony for the show? Kenya was not filming at that time, so why would she inform the producers of her wedding? Maybe because it wasn’t real, I don’t put anything past the drama queen. If they are actually married, congrats to the happy couple and we’ll see how long it’ll last, if the marriage is real. Kenya was so desperate and thirsty for a husband, she now has one, what about her being able to have kids with him?