RHOA–Kandi VS Porsha & Shamea!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Kandi seems to be feuding with Porsha, Phaedra and Shamea. Now, Shamea was Kandi’s friend not Porsha’s but word on the street, Kandi allegedly messed around with Shamea’s ex-husband. Shamea also claims that Phaedra wanted her husband as well and would make herself known when she ran across them.

These B$TCHES are petty as f$ck. These are educated women with careers and they are fighting with each other over nothing. However, this season Sheree is being messy as hell. She is older than all of these ladies and she needs to keep her mouth shut and stay out of their business. If Kandi wants to reconnect with Phaedra, Porsha or Shamea, let her do it on her own time.

Kandi, accused Phaedra of dating another man while still married to ex-husband Apollo Nida. The accusation happened during a face-to-face dinner between the two women, Kandi didn’t waste any time retelling the story to Kenya, Cynthia, Shereé and her mother, Mama Joyce. We all know how Mama Joyce is, don’t play about her child, she will cut a B$TCH.

Two wrongs don’t make a right and if Kandi wasn’t happy with the shade Phaedra threw at her, she should have spoke to her one on one. She had know business airing out her dirty laundry on television. When you are BFF’s, whatever secrets you both hold, should still be a secret.

Phaedra tells Kandi that her mama needs to stay out of her business and Kandi didn’t like that. She really can’t control her mom but that doesn’t mean Mama Joyce gets a pass because Kandi is her daughter.

Porsha is friends with both Kandi and Phaedra, she felt frustrated that Kandi would spread gossip about Phaedra especially when it’s coming from Kandi’s mouth, even a lie would be interpreted as truth.

“If your best friend speak on something, it almost like that make it true,” Williams explained. “Any hoe can say anything all day long. But if my best friend were to speak those things on me and on my life, it’s like a confirmation. So I just think she should just be quiet.”

“I think it is just very very dirty for someone to try to tear their ex-best-friend down,” she added. “It’s a messy and ugly situation.”

Porsha was also frustrated with earlier claims Kandi made about Porsha’s relationship with Kandi’s ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, Block Spencer.

“Kandi said I had sex with her baby daddy… Phaedra was trying to have a man on her side in her marriage… So for me to hear not just that these things are being said in the street, but also that it all got kicked off because Kandi went and told all these lies? That’s the part I really can’t get with,” she said.

She may not have been able to get with Kandi gossiping, but Porsha didn’t hold back from gossiping herself. While discussing Kandi’s big mouth with Sheree, Porsha and Phaedra did a little rumor spreading of their own, telling Sheree that their mutual friend Shamea had been involved in threesomes with Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker. I kind of believe that rumor because Shamea and Kandi are not cool anymore and no one will spill the beans about why the two aren’t friends anymore but, last night the beans fell out.

“They were really close — she was close to both of them,” Porsha said. Yea, close in the bedroom, I can see Kandi getting freaky with her husband in a threesome. She did kiss Porsha before, anything is possible with this group of ladies.

“Close to her and Todd — she doin’ both,” said Phaedra. “People say that Shamea slept with everybody’s husband, but who talking about that?”

“That sounds like she just sorta outed her for being a lesbian,” Sheree commented to viewers. “So now you’re rolling in the dirt with Phaedra and Kandi too? They are just airing out each other’s laundry. These bitches are just messy!” No, Sheree you are messy, are you trying to remain on the show to continue getting checks?

One thing’s for sure Kandi stands behind her words even when she is being messy. When meeting with Porsha and Sheree at the end of the episode, she stood by everything she had said, from saying that Porsha and Block had been sexually active together to claiming that Phaedra had been having an extramarital affair. She also gave some insight into why she was so adamant about exposing Parks.

“She not going keep running her mouth, saying s— behind closed doors when people don’t know she talking and don’t think that s— can get back,” Burruss revealed. “This bitch now went around here and tell people that they shouldn’t work with us? That is below the belt. That may not be no husband s—, but that’s money s—. And you know I give a f— about that. Had she done that to you, you never would have been down with that.”

With friends like these, you don’t need enemies. Damn, all the dirty laundry is hitting the airwaves.