RHOA Kandi & Todd Being Sued!!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi and Todd are allegedly being accused of not paying the contractors who renovated their “OLG Restaurant,” and they are also being accused of writing bad checks. Kandi seems to have issues with paying folks for the work they have done for her, this isn’t the first time she has been accused of not paying for a job that’s been complete, allegedly.

The restaurant idea was Todd’s, he needed something to do, I guess his executive producer job with Hollywood Divas didn’t work out as planned and when he got with Kandi, he resigned from Bravo where he and Kandi met. We all know that Kandi is a business woman first, she is about her coins but I think she was so thirsty for a husband, she met Todd he sucked her right in. Mama Joyce was right, the streets were talking about Todd and Kandi didn’t want to believe her mom or the streets but does she believe them now? This restaurant was in the works last October when she was pregnant with her son and a almost a year later, the restaurant is still not complete.

Allegedly Todd and Kandi are being sued, court documents indicate the two have been hit with one lien for $16,512 by a carpenter named Charles Busbee. He was supposed to be paid by June 30,2016, however he claims he has not been paid. Charles Busbee claims the couple paid him with bad checks and when he learned what the two had done, he was mad as HELL after all of the work that went into renovating their restaurant. What I have learned, writing bad checks is a felony in Georgia and Mr. Busbee is definitely demanding all of his money, I’m sure in cash or by cashier’s check.

In the court filings, the contractor realized after the work began he would be doing much more work on the restaurant than previously agreed and would have to be on site to oversea the entire job and that was just too much work for one man.

Allegely, by the end of June 2016 he removed himself and his workers from the job and that’s when he realized he had been paid with fraudulent checks. I have heard rumors about Kandi and how she doesn’t like to pay but to purposely give someone a bad check knowing the money isn’t available is not a good look for Kandi or Todd. Kandi talks so much sh$t about other people and to hear her sh$t ain’t right really isn’t a surprise to me but I’m sure it is to some people. I really hope this contractor is not telling the truth, if he is, this will definitely hurt her credibility. She won’t have to worry about Porsha accusing her of drugging her anymore or bringing up the sex dungeon, that is small compared to bad checks.

But apparently, he isn’t the only contractor who has accused her and Todd of not paying when a job is complete. Allegedly, another contractor, a HVAC contractor named Tyrone Manuel, claims he did work for the Tuckers as well, he installed a three-tonne system inside the kitchen area and a five-tonne one in the lobby area and he also did additional work . He claims the couple owes him $5,366 and he was supposed to be paid by the end of August 2016. Thus far, according to him, he has yet been paid.

I’m sure this is not a good situation for Kandi because she prides herself on making coins and handling her business. How can she talk about Phaedra when her sh$t is allegedly flawed? She did tweet that she is stressed over the restaurant and she posted this on Twitter, “Today has been so stressful…this restaurant is gonna drive me crazy & it’s not even open yet.”

Todd is driving her insane, he knows nothing about restaurants, I get he is her husband but she was doing just fine before he walked in her life. Don Juan tried to tell Kandi from the jump just like Mama Joyce, but she just had to get married and have a baby. Now look at the position she is in, I’m sure she can cover all of the fees she’s been accused of, the point is, she is losing money, not making money.