RHOA Finale!!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale was fake as two left shoes. They ended the show with Chateau Sheree’s housewarming, who really gives two f$cks about her house or anybody else’s house? This season was long as heck, they could have saved that housewarming sh$t for another season or another episode.

Phaedra is the shadiest housewife I have ever witnessed, she plays a part in everything, now I see what Kandi was saying. We may not see directly Phaedra for who she really is but indirectly she has something to do with always stirring the pot. Kandi will never be Phaedra’s friend again and its so sad that their friendship dissolved the way that it did. At the end of the day, Kandi will choose her man over a female and that’s just who she is. Phaedra on the other hand, is just shady as HELL!! When Kandi watches the entire season, she will see everything that Phaedra had been saying and doing behind her back.

Phaedra points Johnny to another attorney because she claims she can’t represent him because of her relationship with Kandi, but why was she seated at the meeting he had with the attorney she referred? That’s some dirty backhanded sh$t, she should not have been there, she had already referred him, she had no business being in that meeting. She’s so mad at Kandi and how things seem to be going up in her life where in Phaedra’s life, things aren’t going so well and she is the blame for that.

When Kandi learns that it was Phaedra who was behind the rumors, she really wants to choke her and not Porsha. She was the person who initiated the threesome rumors, the drugging Porsha and Shamea rumors and the sex dungeon. Phaedra will not own her sh$t, she used Porsha and when she learns what her friend did to her during the reunion, you feel for her. She honestly believed Phaedra was her friend and had her back but Porsha is a little dingy, she defended Phaedra to the end but Phaedra never defended Porsha and that’s something she will find out for herself. We saw the writing on the wall but Porsha was clueless.

Kandi addresses the Apollo situation with Phaedra and his girlfriend or whoever she is, showing up at the OLG restaurant without her knowledge. She apologizes to Phaedra and she was happy that she didn’t show up because that what have been a real situation. Phaedra still wanted to blame Kandi for something Apollo set up. Todd claims he had no idea this woman was stopping by but I find that hard to believe. Phaedra just wanted to be mad at Kandi about something because of all of her shadiness this season.

Kenya messy a$$, she had to see what Sheree was hiding and thanks to her, we saw that her basement wasn’t finished but nor did we care. The only person that seemed to care was Kenya. That’s when the jealousy and the envy plays a role in dumb a$$ situations. During Sheree’s housewarming, Kenya is looking for stuff to call out, then she gets into a heated exchange with Kim Zolciak. Kim is no chicken, you come for her, she will come for you and she wasn’t playing any games with Ms. Kenya Moore!!

Looking forward to the four part reunion airing next Sunday!! The secrets, the lies, the betrayals, the friendships, the shadiness, the envy and the jealousy will all be exposed and it looks likes Phaedra, our southern bell will be checked and cracked open like an egg!!