RHOA–Apollo Wants A Million From Phaedra!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s ex-couple Phaedra and Apollo are at it again. It appears to me that neither one of them really want a divorce, their behavior speaks for itself and they are really showing their true colors. Last week the judge rejected their divorce, therefore the couple is still married, how does that make Apollo’s fiance’ feel? She is now considered the side chick, she had no idea what she was stepping into when she involved herself with Apollo.

Now Apollo is demanding a million of dollar in a new divorce settlement with soon to be ex-wife Phaedra. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two reconciled because they are the ones holding up their divorce. Or this could be just another publicity stunt, she may be in danger of losing her position from the housewives and we know how Phaedra loves her coins.

As we all know, Apollo with his sexy self, is currently in prison for racketeering, Phaedra is so shady that it doesn’t surprise me that she didn’t disclose all of their assets in the her divorce proceedings. Phaedra is dirty, the southern bell knows exactly what she is doing and we have to remember that she is an attorney and has the gift to gab.

Apollo is hoping to receive a nice chunk of money from the sale of there property which is worth close to the million dollar range and this is the house the two acquired together, he is also looking at millions in personal property and several businesses that he believes he deserves.

He is also hoping to get joint legal custody of their sons Ayden, six, and three year old Dylan. How that will work, is beyond me, how can he request joint legal custody of his sons while incarcerated? Can you say she’s confused??

Phaedra claimed her divorce from soon to be ex-husband Apollo was finalized on November 2, 2016 but, however due to the judge’s rejection of the divorce documents she filed, she has to refile her legal documents due to her shadiness. Was this a ploy to hold Apollo up due to his fiance’? I wouldn’t put anything past Mrs. Phaedra Parks, she may be sweet but she is lethal and she will get you wear it hurts and that’s your pockets.

Last week a judge threw out there divorce documents after she allegedly misspelled Apollo’s last name as ‘Nita’ instead of ‘Nida.’ She’s an attorney and she knows how this work, quit playing!! The judge also believed she told her soon to be ex husband that he could attend the divorce proceedings while serving eight years in federal prison. Why would he believe that bull, tell me where they do that???

Apollo filed his own documents on December 2, 2016 and apparently never received documents confirming their divorce was final and was never informed of the final hearing. Well, the divorce isn’t final and that is how he is able to amend his legal documents.

Phaedra and Apollo officially separated in 2014 after five years of marriage. Apollo and Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Joe Giudice is also serving a 36-month sentence at the same facility.

While in the New Jersey prison, Apollo thinks he has met his perfect match, I just don’t understand why a sane woman would even want to be with someone serving time? Oh yea I get it, she wants her two minutes of fame and linking up with Apollo is a good look for her. Apollo became engaged to realtor Sherien Almufti on November 14, 2016, he definitely moved on quickly, it looks like there is no turning back.

According to the streets, his new fiancée will appear during the last episode with Todd, who is Kandi’s husband. Phaedra gets upset and feels betrayed when Todd walks in their new restaurant with Apollo’s fiance’ and the look on Phaedra’s face is priceless. All of her shadiness reveals itself this season and karma is a b$tch!!

Definitely looking forward to the reunion show, so many bombs will explode, lies will be revealed and the shadiness will continue as the truth is exposed!!