Reggie Bush’s or Alonzo Mouning Alleged Baby!!

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Buffalo Bills Running back Reggie Bush is allegedly expecting baby with his side chick Monique Exposito, it appears that everyone is aware that Reggie stuck his raw penis in trick and now this trick is claiming he is the father.

Word on the, the young lady resides in Miami and works as waitress in a nightclub, she claims she is making sure of the date of her baby’s birth, it prove who her child’s father is. That’s some bull ish and you know it. When you are expecting a baby, a woman knows the date, time and when she got pregnant. She sounds like a dumb a$$ saying she is making sure the dates add up.

The woman claiming to Reggie Bush’s mistress is allegedly wants husband gone out of her life. Really? He definitely married a dodo bird for real, WOW!! I can’t, moving on. As previously reported, a Miami nightclub waitress, Monique claims the NFL player got her pregnant and she did approach him about child support for their bundle of joy who is due in February and so far, nothing has been done.

Now, we’ve learned Monique was married at the time of the alleged affair, reliable sources close to the couple claim that her husband is angry as HECK!!.

Allegedly he has filed for divorce and it’s clear from the docs he’s convinced Reggie Bush is the father of her unborn child. He has named Reggie Bush several times in his divorce papers and is demanding she hand over any documentation proving he could be the father such as DNA tests, confidentiality agreements or payments he may have made to her.

The husband also states he didn’t have sex with his wife around the time of conception, there is no way he could be the father of the unborn baby. Reggie and Monique will destroy this child’s lives if he is the father. This child would never fit in with either side of his/her family and that isn’t fair to that child.

Reggie bush faked the funk, obviously he wasn’t happy or satisfied at home, he has an affair and the woman is married whose husband is a professional ball player. I guess if you are going to cheat, with two married people it could work but you will get caught. A pregnancy though, that’s the ultimate disrespect.

Last week, we reported that Reggie allegedly gave millions to Monique to abort her baby. However, the waitress is now six months along and appears to be going through with the pregnancy anyway, and will celebrate her new arrival with a baby shower in Miami next month.

Allegedly, Monique devised a plan to get pregnant by her alleged lover of four years, retired Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning even getting fertility treatments to boost her chances of conceiving. During their relationship, the baller allegedly lavished gifts on the mother of one, made sure she was front row at his Miami Heat games and accompanied him on trips to New York City, according to a reliable source who is close with this messy drama.

She played the HELL out of both of these men. Married with children and you step out on your wife, have sex with no condom. That is the most disrespect ever because now the bitch is pregnant and either man, plus her husband could be the father. All that nasty a$$ sperm swishing and swashing around, ugh, just ugh!!

Reggie was the dumb a$$ who ended up allegedly got this trick pregnant, allegedly, Reggie’s wife Lilit believed the side chick was going to get an abortion in exchange for a $3 million payoff, she is due in the winter and is reportedly shopping for a big house on the water. They don’t really know who the father is but for two married couples to be sitting around waiting on the delivery date of this baby is incredibly dumb as f$ck. She cheated, he cheated whether the baby is Reggie’s or Alonzo!! Cuckoo for coco puffs!!

“She wants to be like one of the Kardashians,” the source explained. “Marry a black man, and get all the money.” Remember when I say sh$t for brains, she wins that award.

A rep for Reggie had previously called the baby allegations “rumors” and noted he’s still “happily married.”

Apparently, Monique was scheduled to give birth via C-section later this month, but moved up the date to Super Bowl Sunday, in order to send a message that Reggie is the daddy.

Of course, Reggie is married to Lilit Avagyan and the couple have two young kids of their own. So far, his marriage has been able to survive the cheating rumors, but wonder if that’ll change once there’s a new baby in the mix.