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Black Ink Crew Recap!! Walt tries to get Richard to deal with his legal problems and Dutchess gets confronted by some crazy chick saying that her sister was pregnant by Ceaser!!

Walt visits newly weds Richard and Nikki at their apartment where he seems to be cooking chicken and baking cookies. Walt isn’t convinced that Richard is truly a changed man. However, the sh$t hits the fans when Walt reveals he’s brought the papers that Kathi, one of his baby mama’s tried having him served during his wedding. Kathi, the crazy baby mama wants to move to the Dominican Republic and take their son Achilles with her and she’s taking legal action.

Richard storms out and tells Walt: “You’re supposed to be my dog man.” Walt is not impressed and even less so when Richard’s new wife Nikki says he feels that the people who are supposed to have his corner, don’t. I’m not sure why he got so upset with Walt, he just wanted to make sure he didn’t miss the court date, he wasn’t serving him. Something ain’t right with this picture, his new wife doesn’t want him to have anything to do with Kathi and that means nothing to do with his son. Is that because she left her son back in California?

Walt points out he was the one there for Richard when he had the gun charges against him, when he went to rehab and that for the last ten years he’s always been on the front line for Richard. Later he tells the camera: “Yo Walter bitch-ass f$$$$$ just goin come into my house and serve me. F*** you Walt!”

Ceaser is taken aback when Donna appeared at 113th asking for her job back. She had plenty of support from Sky, Melanie and Walt, Ceaser gives Donna her job back but she wasn’t that great to begin with, but we’ll see.

Dutchess is back in NYC for her magazine cover and she gets upset because Ceaser is late. Dutchess and Ceaser’s relationship gets turned upside down when a woman comes to the shop, claiming Ceaser got her sister pregnant. Ceaser denies everything, but Dutchess looks hurt. It’s really hard for me to feel sorry for Dutchess, she only cares about herself.

Whoever this girl was, she was too close to Dutchess and she shouldn’t have ever been that close to her. Dutchess’s sister and brother are in town and just happen to be at the shop when this girl approached Dutchess. She was ready to kill somebody which she should, Dutchess is her sister. Ceaser claims to have no idea who this girl is or who her sister is. The girl wanted to know if Dutchess had something to do with her sister aborting the baby! That was so confusing to me, how the f$ck would Dutchess have anything with this girl aborting her baby if that was true?

Ceaser tries to talk to Dutchess but we all know how the crocodile tears, the bottom lip open and the feel sorry for me look was. Ooooh I just don’t like Dutchess!!!