Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Real Houswives of Beverly Hills is in Mexico City this week. On last nights episode, the sh$t hit the fan between Lisa, Brandi and Kyle. The relaxation doesn’t last long after Yolanda confronts Lisa about there fake friendship. An argument erupts as Lisa is walking away from Yolanda with Brandi. Yolanda tells Brandi, Kyle needs to know and you should tell her. Well, Brandi begins to explain to Kyle that Lisa wanted her to bring the tabloid magazines on there trip to Palm Springs with the picture of Mauricio and Kyle on the cover stating he was having an affair. Supposedly Brandi told Lisa she wasn’t going to do that and Lisa put the magazines in her suitcase anyway. Brandi took them out and told Lisa she wasn’t going to be a part of that. If you can remember Brandi was off her rocker when they went on that trip and maybe that’s when Brandi figured out Lisa wasn’t really a friend to her.

In the last few weeks, Lisa has burned bridges left and right. Yolanda has found herself getting burned by Lisa when her supposed close friend invited her ex-husband to a party when she fully knew that he was both attending and hosting Yolanda’s stepdaughter’s wedding. Yolanda gets on the band wagon for who ever she is feeling at the time. I think she is sneaky and plants these stories in their heads, somewhat like Lisa has done. As for Brandi, she hasn’t heard from Lisa in the longest, before Lisa got back together with Kyle, Lisa used to call Brandi every day and now she’s not returning her phone calls. Kyle tried to talk it out with Lisa was told in no uncertain terms to drop it. Now all of these women want answers.

Brandi for her part is swallowing all the things she wants to say to Lisa and it wasn’t until Joyce left the rest of the group to go be with her family that the drama got addressed. Yolanda asked Lisa about Kyle because neither she nor Brandi knew the two were getting closer and they have some questions. Rather than answering the questions, Lisa gets on the defensive and claims she and Kyle aren’t close and no she isn’t trying to replace Brandi with Kyle. But she isn’t giving any clear answers and is constantly getting upset because she feels like she has been ambushed. Lisa eventually walks away after Kim, Kyle, and Brandi come into the conversation. She goes to her husband and isolates herself from everyone else.

The tabloids thing slowly becomes a bigger issue. Mauricio was clearly upset because he doesn’t know who is telling the truth and neither does Kyle. They both leave in tears. Kyle asked Lisa about the magazines and Lisa denied ever seeing the tabloids in the beginning and then saying she saw it when they came back from vacation. Ken couldn’t believe Kyle and Mauricio were entertaining the fact, his wife would want to plant tabloid magazines for Kyle to see. However, it didn’t affect him, it affected Kyle and Mauricio and they have a right to be cautious due to the lack of friendship Kyle and Lisa has had over the last couple of years.

Brandi’s main issue with Lisa is that she kept throwing Scheana in her face. She found out lately that Lisa and Scheana have been close friends for the longest and she feels like Lisa used her for publicity. That’s why Kyle is more inclined to listen to her. Of course Lisa denies it and so does Ken. Lisa says Scheana worked for her daughter Pandy for five years and now works with her.

Joyce and Michael rejoin everyone for dinner and in spite of not being there earlier; the couple has picked up on the tense atmosphere. Kyle asked Lisa right a there at the table to explain her side of the story with Brandi and Yolanda there. As she starts saying her side, Ken intervenes and that makes Kim finally snap. She’s tired of Ken always attempting to interject his opinion on the women and she told him to shut up. Let Lisa defend her own actions. Ken and Lisa leave in a temper. They’re angry at Kyle and Mauricio for buying the story and their angrier at the other women for “attacking” Lisa. They don’t how they could be wrong while the other side can concede that maybe Kyle should have talked to Lisa without a group. Anyone could feel like they were targeted if it’s a group all talking at once. I do agree they ambushed Lisa, I feel like Kyle had a legitimate question to ask her and if Lisa would have just been forth coming about the situation, this could have all been avoided. Lisa is a snake I believe, but I also believe Yolanda is too. Brandi feels used and taken advantage of and I totally agree, I don’t think Brandi would have really gone there in Palm Springs on Kyle but I think Lisa was plugging information into her. Brandi is a grown a$$ woman, but she is fragile, her husband cheated on her and every time Lisa has an event the woman he cheated on her with is working the event. Lisa that’s a snake move and you know it. I loved you from day one of this reality show, but now I’m not so sure.

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