Rasheeda & Kirk Separated

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta this season is on and popping, the biggest story line is the affair that Kirk had on his wife Rasheeda with two strippers, Jasmine and Keanna, however Jasmine is stating that Kirk is her child’s father.

It’s already bad enough that his whack a$$ had the affair, but his reason for having the affair was due to his wife not having sex with him, not being able to touch him, so he felt rejected. So that meant it was okay to sleep with a stripper and use no condom, she gets pregnant and that’s Rasheeda’s fault? Something is definitely wrong with this picture. If she wasn’t romantic with him, did he bother to ask her what the problem was? She was actually diagnosed with postpartum depression, so no, at that time she wasn’t feeling sexy and she wasn’t feeling the need to f$ck him when she is battling her own demons.

Allegedly, she has filed for legal separation, maybe they will get a divorce, maybe they won’t. They are married with children, they have businesses together and she has a boutique, that is a lot to decipher who gets what not too mention breaking up their family. She has to take the time out to see if her marriage to Bozo the Clown is worth saving.

Rasheeda is trying to save her marriage even though the two are separated, but for me it doesn’t seem as if Kirk is putting in any effort to save his marriage. If he was, he wouldn’t be running from Jasmine, allegedly, he would man up and get that DNA test. That makes him look guilty as HELL!!

Kirk wants to complain about his wife working and by her working she has turned him into basically a manny. When Rasheeda was home with their oldest son, she had to take care of him and Kirk’s children, the tables have turned and he doesn’t like it. So that gave him a hall pass to cheat on his wife? He needs to sit down somewhere, get that adams apple fixed and be the damn manny.

Rasheeda made an appearance on The Real and gave her side of the story.

“Well I damn sure ain’t paying no woman or have no parts of no damn child support,” she said. “You better believe that.”

If Kirk hadn’t slept with this hoe he wouldn’t be in this position, his actions have affected their entire family and then there may be a baby. HELL nope, I would catch a case real talk, how dare he sleep with this hoe and then come home and lay next to his wife as if nothing is wrong. He has no respect for her, she feels embarrassed and ashamed because of what he did. Its not her fault, he cheated, he should feel embarrassed and ashamed, he broke his vows to her, Jasmine didn’t but she knew he married and chose to f$ck him anyway. Jasmine is about the money anyway, she didn’t want anything from Kirk except money. She never talks about Kirk needing to spend time with his possible son, she is more concerned about how much money she can get from him. It definitely shows her true colors.

Rasheeda is contemplating divorce, but I think she is waiting to hear the results of the DNA test and she can make a better decision then to stay married or get a divorce. But by Kirk running away from the situation, implies this could be his child and that’s what he’s afraid of.

Kirk really needs to pull up his big draws and take that test to determine if he is the father or not before he loses everything. An innocent man doesn’t run from problems but a guilty man does. Rasheeda is strong, she’s beautiful, she’s smart and business minded, it will take a minute but she will bounce back.