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Rasheeda & Kirk Separated



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta this season is on and popping, the biggest story line is the affair that Kirk had on his wife Rasheeda with two strippers, Jasmine and Keanna, however Jasmine is stating that Kirk is her child’s father.

It’s already bad enough that his whack a$$ had the affair, but his reason for having the affair was due to his wife not having sex with him, not being able to touch him, so he felt rejected. So that meant it was okay to sleep with a stripper and use no condom, she gets pregnant and that’s Rasheeda’s fault? Something is definitely wrong with this picture. If she wasn’t romantic with him, did he bother to ask her what the problem was? She was actually diagnosed with postpartum depression, so no, at that time she wasn’t feeling sexy and she wasn’t feeling the need to f$ck him when she is battling her own demons.

Allegedly, she has filed for legal separation, maybe they will get a divorce, maybe they won’t. They are married with children, they have businesses together and she has a boutique, that is a lot to decipher who gets what not too mention breaking up their family. She has to take the time out to see if her marriage to Bozo the Clown is worth saving.

Rasheeda is trying to save her marriage even though the two are separated, but for me it doesn’t seem as if Kirk is putting in any effort to save his marriage. If he was, he wouldn’t be running from Jasmine, allegedly, he would man up and get that DNA test. That makes him look guilty as HELL!!

Kirk wants to complain about his wife working and by her working she has turned him into basically a manny. When Rasheeda was home with their oldest son, she had to take care of him and Kirk’s children, the tables have turned and he doesn’t like it. So that gave him a hall pass to cheat on his wife? He needs to sit down somewhere, get that adams apple fixed and be the damn manny.

Rasheeda made an appearance on The Real and gave her side of the story.

“Well I damn sure ain’t paying no woman or have no parts of no damn child support,” she said. “You better believe that.”

If Kirk hadn’t slept with this hoe he wouldn’t be in this position, his actions have affected their entire family and then there may be a baby. HELL nope, I would catch a case real talk, how dare he sleep with this hoe and then come home and lay next to his wife as if nothing is wrong. He has no respect for her, she feels embarrassed and ashamed because of what he did. Its not her fault, he cheated, he should feel embarrassed and ashamed, he broke his vows to her, Jasmine didn’t but she knew he married and chose to f$ck him anyway. Jasmine is about the money anyway, she didn’t want anything from Kirk except money. She never talks about Kirk needing to spend time with his possible son, she is more concerned about how much money she can get from him. It definitely shows her true colors.

Rasheeda is contemplating divorce, but I think she is waiting to hear the results of the DNA test and she can make a better decision then to stay married or get a divorce. But by Kirk running away from the situation, implies this could be his child and that’s what he’s afraid of.

Kirk really needs to pull up his big draws and take that test to determine if he is the father or not before he loses everything. An innocent man doesn’t run from problems but a guilty man does. Rasheeda is strong, she’s beautiful, she’s smart and business minded, it will take a minute but she will bounce back.

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Reality TV

JuJu & Cam’Ron Split



Love and Hip Hop New York JuJu and rapper Cam’Ron call it quits after 10 years of being together. JuJu is a beautiful and smart woman, why date a man for 10 years and not marry him?

I just think its ridiculous to date or be engaged to a man for longer than 5 years, I don’t think he will ever marry that woman. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Not saying that JuJu needs any of Cam’Ron’s money but had she been married to him for 10 years, she would have at least got paid off that a$$. But, its not my story or my relationship, people do things for different reasons and I pray she can heal fast.

So what was the reason the two called it quits? Well, word on the street, JuJu went creeping on her man’s Instagram account and read a post from a woman named Roxy who’s allegedly claiming to be Cam’Ron’s side hoe. When you go looking for trouble, you find trouble, I mean they have been together off and on for 10 years, I’m pretty sure JuJu knew her man, so why now?

“What s**t you with Roxy,” JuJu wrote. “What you wanna do? You want this smoke cuz I’m with it .. you over there sucking Cam d**k too along with the Meth head?? Watch ya ducking [sic] mouth addressing my sister and ming ya f*****g business b***h.”

JuJu is not usually with drama or even seen in a position where she would lose her cool, to watch her go back and forth with some chick on Instagram is crazy, these women will make up sh$t, they come up with pics saying your man was with them, I can’t trust a woman when she says she has been with my man unless I know how he is. This chick ended up posting pics of her with Cam’ron but again that means nothing. JuJu must have wanted a reason to break up with Cam’Ron, it has to be more to the story but we will probably never know the truth.

Of course this Roxy chick clapped back by saying she “didn’t start it but imma finish it.” She then posted a photo of her and Cam’ron to her Insta-story with the caption, “You coming with me or you staying with juju.”

Since her last post, Roxy’s page has been deleted. However, before deleting her page, she claims that she wasn’t a side chick and Cam and JuJu split up months ago. Cam’Ron probably told that trick to shut it down and she did. Neither one of these women should be airing their dirty laundry on social media about a man who isn’t loyal to either, allegedly.

JuJu later thanked a fan on her Instagram page, “God fixes everything, even broken hearts,” said JuJu.

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RHOA Recap



The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap!! So far this season, Porsha has been too extra, just way over the top and it isn’t cute. She has fame and that fame has gotten to that pea brain of hers and has affected her where she has such a bad attitude.

It seems like Porsha doesn’t treat her sister Lauren with a lot of respect but that may not be the case, we only see snippets of the show and production edits what they want the viewers to see. However, the way she treats Lauren has some truth in it, Lauren doesn’t feel appreciated and she lets Porsha know how she feels.

Porsha wants to open a hair salon using her name only but the chick knows nothing about running a hair salon. Just because her hair business is going great doesn’t mean she can open a hair salon and everything would be peaches and cream just because her name is Porsha. Lauren wanted to keep the salon small, why? I’m not sure but Porsha doesn’t want a small salon, she wants a big salon but again she has no experience in running a hair salon. Isn’t this the same girl who believed the underground railroad was an actual train?

Porsha and Lauren met with their business consultant and their real estate agent and when they were asked basic questions about the hair salon, the both of them were dumber than a box of rocks. Porsha suggested bringing in a hair salon consultant to advise them on the in and outs of running a salon and they could go from there. When their meeting ended, Lauren felt embarrassed because Porsha continues to throw that fact that this is her business but Lauren says she invested in her company so how is it just her business? The two sisters went back and forth with each other and it didn’t end good, Porsha said they should split up and Lauren stormed out calling her sister a B$TCH!!!

Gregg, Nene husband hasn’t been feeling that well, he felt that he needed to go to the hospital due to chest pains. He was admitted to the hospital for chest pains, Nene says Gregg has been complaining of chest pains for a minute but she believes its because his father had heart issues so maybe this is just a false alarm but she needed to get him to the hospital in case this was a real emergency. He didn’t have a heart attack but he may need minor surgery but any surgery is not minor to me and this is heart. We pray that Gregg is just fine, he is about the only sensible and sane person on the show.

That old Sheree is back, that “who gon check me boo,” that one, she don’t play about her money and when she hires someone to do a job, she expects that job to be 250% right, she is correct and I ain’t mad at her. Sheree is always beefing with somebody but she doesn’t take any sh$t off anyone. She threw her mom a 70’s theme birthday party because she was turning 70 years old and she looked great. It really was a cute idea but 4 hours before the party was supposed to start, Tiffanie her party planner texted her and told her that she was not showing up because she felt tension with Sheree. Tiffanie was supposed to be at Chateau Sheree setting up for the party but Sheree and her oldest daughter did it all, there was no way that Sheree was going to be embarrassed or disappoint her mother and they actually pulled it of. HELL, Sheree doesn’t need to hire a party planner, this could be a new opportunity for her.

Everyone showed up in their 70’s outfits and they all looked great. They seemed to all be having a great time and the smile on Sheree’s mom’s face said everything. Nene met up with Cynthia and Kenya at her house so they could all attend to the party together and we all know Mrs. Nene Leakes, she was snooping and she went into a walk in closet where she noticed men clothing hanging up but not many clothes were hanging up, plus they still had the tags on them. Kenya needs to stop with this foolishness, that B$TCH ain’t married. How many times did she call her alleged husband and spoke to his voice mail on just this episode? Too many to count, she looks real dumb but the truth will reveal itself sooner rather than later.

The next day Gregg called from the hospital to inform Nene that the time for his procedure had been changed and she was just on her way to the hospital. Gregg did seem a little worried, he wanted to wait for her but the doctors needed to check to see if his heart had any blockage, Nene just told him she’s about ten minutes away and go ahead and get the procedure done and she would arrive shortly.

She was now worried, the look on her face said it all, she wondered what would happen if Gregg never made it home. Wow, just keep the faith and we are praying.

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