Rap Game Nova & Nia Kay Dating! SMH!!

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The Rap Game Nia Kay and Nova are officially a couple, its kind of weird for these two to be in a relationship at such an early age. I guess there parents are cool with the two being being together. Nova is extremely talented and I was impressed when he won the rap game. He was serious about his career as a rapper, I hope dating Nia Kay doesn’t distract him from a thriving rap career, he’s on his way to the top.

Nia Kay is a very talented female rapper, I thought she was real close to winning the rap game when she appeared on the show but I believe her father intervened too much which affected her winning. I hate to say that her father was shady as HELL but he was!! He wanted her to win like most parents, but he was under handed and that made her nervous as well as the other aspiring rappers, but she’s such beautiful girl and Nova is so delicious looking, I just can’t see how they are together and the parents seems not to care about the two youngsters expressing their love on social media.

Nia began rapping at the age of eight years old and she was able to make her first music video by the time she was ten years old. Her parents inspire her to be the best, she raps to express herself, always working on herself to be better and work harder.

Nia is also a songwriter who released singles titled “Naw Frrl” and “Extra,” She’s been performing and making moves, I hope her relationship with Nova doesn’t distract her also. She can spit, she’s spunky, she speaks up for herself and she’s such a pretty young lady.

Nia became a social media star, she has more than 200,000 likes on Facebook and she also has more than 550,000 followers on Instagram, that should tell you how popular and talented she is and how hard she works to make it in the world of rap.

Rap Game Nova is an exceptional rapper who won season 3 of the Rap Game. Nova apparently has over 20,000 followers on Sound Cloud and he is also known for spitting those rhymes as if he was born in the early 90’s. Other rappers better watch out, Nova is passionate about his career and we are looking forward to hearing more music from the prodigy.

Nova and Nia are in puppy love, I just don’t think that’s a good idea. I want them both to succeed and neither has a long way to go. Maybe they should record a song together, I’m pretty sure with these talented rappers, they can collaborate together and make it a hit. That’s more important than worrying about your new boo at 15 years old, that’s a tad bit young and they are posting videos of their love connection which is still weird to me, but if their parents like it, I love it.