R Kelly Being Investigated

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Robert Kelly also known as R Kelly is definitely great at putting out music, what he isn’t great at is leaving the young girls alone. R Kelly has been accused of being in relationships with girls for as long as I can remember and he’s the only entertainer/celebrity who has gotten away with doing the vile things he has been accused of doing with young girls, allegedly.

Now I love me some R Kelly, I will still listen to his songs but as far as going to concert, I’ll pass. His past and his future has caught up with him, you can run but you can’t hide.

So now, this John Eaves, who is running for Mayor of Atlanta, wants a full investigation into R. Kelly and the recent allegations of his alleged sex cult. Allegedly the singer is holding young girls against their will at his home and sexually exploiting them. Its funny that this John Eaves wants an investigation during the time he’s running for Mayor, politicians like him I don’t like or trust. It shouldn’t have taken a potential Mayor to request an investigation, that should have been done weeks ago when the story first hit. This is just a ploy for him to use as a way to win the race.

So now this potential Mayor spoke at a press conference on Friday morning, saying, “Today, I am asking District Attorney Paul Howard and his investigative officers and prosecutors to fully review the report of the John Creek Police and follow every lead — no matter where it leads, or who it implicates, and bring those persons to swift justice.” Why did he need a press conference? He should have been discussing crime in Atlanta, not R Kelly, if I lived in Atlanta, I wouldn’t vote for him just because he’s using R Kelly as a way to get votes and that sucks.

Naturally, R Kelly has denied the allegations and called them, “a bunch of crap,” he cancelled four of his concerts since the allegations have been reported. Obviously, this situation is bothering him and affecting his money. But, just because he’s a celebrity and he’s R Kelly doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants. Everyone has to pay a price one way or another. R Kelly has been getting away with this for years and that’s why he believed he could get away with this alleged cult.

Fulton County wanted to ban the singer from performing at concert in Atlanta later this month. According to a letter that the attorney for the board of commissioners wrote to Live Nation, they requested that the show be cancelled. “Based on allegations reported in various news media regarding the artist, the citizens of Fulton County have expressed their collective concerns that Live Nation would allow this artist to perform at a venue that is supported in part by taxpayers.”

The letter and or the request failed and the show is still scheduled to go on but I can see protesters standing in front with signs trying to get people not to attend the concert.

John Eaves is claims he is determined to bring justice to the alleged situation regarding R Kelly. He said, “We will not allow our young girls and young women to be preyed upon by predators or anyone who aims to brainwash and strip them of their human dignity and their right to be free.”