R.H.O.N.Y. Recap!!

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The Real Housewives Of New York Recap………………………………..Dornida’s house in the Berkshires was a little bit like a rainbow room. What kind of look is she going for? In the living room there are fuchsia velvet couches and a pool table. In the next room, everything is colonial blue with wood paneling, a fireplace, and a moose on the wall. One of the bedrooms features six giant sea-life creatures stuffed and mounted on the walls like it’s the Museum of Natural History.

When everyone got into the house and settled in, there was one minor fight between Kristen and Dorinda. Kristen managed to bring up the situation between her and John. John was rubbing up against Krisetn but she shouldn’t be blamed for John not knowing where the line between harmless flirting. Kristen shouldn’t be blamed for what he did to her, but she did the right thing and extricated herself from the situation when she got uncomfortable. John was wrong all day long and Dorinda can make excuses all day about him, he is a flirt and he flirted right in her face. Dorinda needed to check him then and maybe this little spat between the ladies wouldn’t be happening on her birthday weekend. Kristen is a guest in Dorinda’s house, and she knows John is going to be there, so it’s best that she just be on her guard and keep a respectful distance from him.

At dinner, all the ladies laid into Bethenny, talking about why its so difficult of a time she’s had fitting in with the group. Everyone at the table was making excuses for her, whether it’s her rough childhood or her unfortunate personal circumstances. Heather, however, is not #TeamBethenny, and I don’t think she ever will be. I think with Heather, who is definitely getting the b$tch nominee this season, raised some very valid points at dinner. Bethenny is going through a rough divorce, but Ramona is going through plenty of personal tumult as well. Both Carole and Dorinda have lost spouses. Heather has a child with extreme health conditions. Kristen is saddled with her husband. All of the women have been through something or are going through something. Why does Bethenny get a special dispensation? But for all of her valid points, it all went out the window the minute Heather compared losing her nanny of nine years to whatever legal hell that Bethenny is currently wading through. No comparison, in one token she feels bad for Heather feel bad for Bethenny and in another token she has no sympathy for Bethenny not having a relationship with her mother. Heather wants to be friend with Bethenny really bad but Bethenny isn’t the type to just be your friend right away, she has to get to know you and she has to be able to trust you.

The meal otherwise seemed to be very delightful. All the women were getting along and having a good time, and there wasn’t even any drama. The next day went swimmingly as well. The following evening, all the women got ready for dinner as if they were Oscar ready. Carole was wearing the best outfit, she really looked great and I have never been a huge fan of Carole’s but this season, I am.

John, Dorinda’s boyfriend, arrived and managed only to handle Sonja who showed up in his bedroom in her lingerie and was looking for attention, but why would she need attention from John?? Dorinda’s gay brother and his husband rolled in together. Next came Peter, Ramona’s business partner and sometime boyfriend although she won’t admit yet.

Bethenny, arrived surprising Dorinda with an armful of flowers expecting that everyone in the house would be excited to see her. It was pretty cool of Bethenny to bring her daughter the Berkshires and attend the party after Brin was in bed in a nearby hotel. She got quality time with her daughter and her co-workers. This was really the best of both worlds. She made an effort, and that’s’ all the ladies really wanted to see.

Heather brought up the fact that Carole Googled Ramona’s date Peter and found out that he also dated the woman that Mario cheated on Ramona with. Why is Heather bringing this up at the dinner table? This is not a group discussion. This is something you whisper about in the corner but that’s why she is being deemed a b$tch.

Heather and Bethenny got into a huge argument at dinner and, honestly, I don’t understand it. Bethenny said she was allergic to fish, and Heather was trying to get her to eat some meatballs. Bethenny didn’t like the interference, and then Heather was mad that Bethenny was harsh with her. Next thing you know, Bethenny is yelling about how she can’t get into it or she’ll start sobbing, and she needs to keep the wall up, but I don’t see how Heather trying to get her some additional meatballs for dinner is asking her to get into the personal details of her life. The two of them were overreacting, and the results were stupid.

The real problem is that Heather is trying really hard to get Bethenny to like her and Bethenny is just not having any of it. To Heather’s credit, Bethenny is being especially harsh to her for no real good reason. Bethenny has always been abrasive, but given her current vulnerability, it is even worse and it is coming out at strange times and in odd directions. “I just want the wall up,” Bethenny says, very tellingly, but Heather is not listening. She walks around the table and tries to take Bethenny into the next room to talk about it, but Bethenny just wants to be alone and she doesn’t want any additional attention on her. The last thing Bethenny wants to do is talk about it, but Heather can’t understand that. Bethenny just wants to have drinks and have fun with Sonja and the rest of the ladies.