Power Recap!!

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DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, Tariq ain’t about that life and that’s why Ghost wanted him and his sister to live a completely different lifestyle than him and Tasha. Being mad at his father because he tried to shield his old life caused him to witness a murder, not only witness but to break into someone’s home and watch his so called “new friends,” shoot someone.

Because he knows nothing about that lifestyle, he got scared and ran from the situation, he was a coward and of course they believed he would snitch on them. All of a sudden Tariq wants to go back to his old life, not acting out and wanting to go to that boarding school Raina was interested in but running ain’t that easy when you have witnessed a murder.

Where is Ghost and Tasha? Ghost is planning his next move and Tasha is still f$cking Silver, not paying attention to their son. Its about them right now and when your children are teens, you have to watch them and pay more attention to their behavior than when they were smaller.

Ray Ray finds Brains and his friend and asks about the burglary with Tariq and how everything went sideways. Brains tells Ray Ray that Tariq is f$cked it all up, why would they have Tariq with them anyway when he knows nothing about that life but I guess you gotta start somewhere. Ray Ray don’t wanna hear the blame game, he ain’t playing, he straight up shoots them both with no hesistation. With the information he got from Brains, Ray Ray is now looking for Tariq. He shows up at his school dressed up as a police officer and the dumb as principal brings him into his sister’s classroom asking her if she has seen his brother, in the real world that’s not how that goes, but okay.

Tariq runs to his so called girlfriend Destiny’s house who is actually Ray Ray’s cousin, he is fish without water, he has no idea what trouble he has brought to his family. If anyone, he could have told Tommy or even Dre but he said nothing and ran like a coward. Raina tells Tariq that Ray Ray came looking for him at the school dressed like a police officer, Raina knew what her brother was doing but she tried protecting him, he just didn’t protect her. Tariq did admit to his sister that Ray Ray tried to kidnap him and he tells her not to snitch to Tasha or Ghost, that’s her brother, she may not have believed that the situation was going to explode or even think it was as bad as it was, all she was trying to do was look out for her brother.

Tariq and Raina are going to their school dance, before they make it to the dance, Destiny calls Tariq and she starts asking him about Brains and the burglary, because he isn’t about that life, he had no idea she was setting him up. And of course Ray Ray is listening to his cousin as she sets up Tariq, he had no idea, that girl is not from his world, he is not from her world, he wanted to be part of that life but its not in him.

During the school dance, “Destiny” texts him, she’s at the dance but out in the back. Tariq leaves the school, he’s yelling for Destiny, she know where in sight, he realizes too late that his so called girlfriend set him up. He sees Ray Ray, he runs and hides on the side of the school as he peeks around the wall as he hears his sister Raina confronting Ray Ray, she definitely had his back but he did not have her back, Ray Ray wasn’t trying to hear her, he pulls out his gun and shoots Raina while Tariq watches!

Damn, he is the reason his sister is dead and when Ghost and Tasha find out the why and who, I’m not sure how they will proceed. That was definitely at a shocking moment, like that really surprised the f$ck outta me!! So anticipating next weeks episode, how will they go on?