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Porsha Says Todd Cheats On Kandi!!



The sh$t has hit the fan between the Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi and Porsha. The secrets came flying out, just because you fall out with your friend doesn’t mean its okay to expose secrets that was shared between the two. That’s shady as f$ck, with friends like these, who needs enemies.

On the last episode of the hit reality show Porsha meets up with Kandi for lunch, I guess she wanted to clear up the rumors about Kandi being a lesbian and she was the one who was put on blast as the person who started the rumors. However, Porsha wasn’t by herself, Phaedra was there and she said the same thing about Kandi being a carpet muncher. If Phaedra was Porsha’s real friend, why didn’t she come to her defense and why did she own what she said about Kandi?

But Porsha came out swinging when she accused Todd, Kandi’s husband regularly cheats on her. His fake name is “Marvin,” allegedly and that he made plans with the new chick in California. When Porsha finds out information about these ladies, most times its true, but again these are rumors.

Porsha also drops another bomb when she claims that Kandi is a lesbian and was once in a relationship with another woman for at least seven years. My mouth dropped and hit the floor and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Kandi did admit to kissing a woman but as far as a full on relationship with a woman, she denies those allegations. Porsha seemed as if she may have some inside information on this alleged lesbian relationship with Kandi and I can’t wait to see what she has.

Earlier this season, Kandi admitted to previously having a threesome, but insists it didn’t happen the way Porsha and Phaedra have claimed or with Shamea as they claim. The threesome part between Kandi and her husband is definitely new to me, she always denied those rumors but tonight on the show, she admitted to bringing a woman into their bed. I’m just not doing that, no other woman can share my bed with me and my husband.

“Yes I have [had a threesome], but not with her,” she recently claimed. “And just to clarify, Shamea is not my girlfriend, nothing of that sort.”

“I’ve already told all those girls, ‘yes I’ve had a girl experience before’, it was never a secret,” said Kandi. Yes, she said she has experimented, she never said she had a threesome with her husband and another woman. If that’s what they like, that’s their marriage and you have to be careful who you are confiding to because it can back fire.

“The thing that they need to do is tell the tea on themselves because there are a few of them that have done the same thing.” That’s my problem with Kandi, just because she has been thrown under the bus, she wants to throw everyone else under the bus also. That’s not right, just own your sh$t and move on.

“Any h** can say anything all day long,” she said. “But if my best friend were to speak those things on me and on my life, it’s like a confirmation. So I just think she should just be quiet. I think it is just very, very dirty for someone to try to tear their ex-best-friend down.”

Kandi has also previously accused Porsha of hooking up with other females, particularly after she’s had a drink or two. Porsha and Kandi threw so many insults towards each other, both being the hoes of Atlanta. Kandi claims that Porsha was a pass around and that’s how she met Block, her daughters father because she messing around with one of his artists. Porsha accuses Kandi of being an international hoe, her vagina has been around.

Kandi really got upset, she couldn’t take it anymore with Porsha and she says their friendship is over. She wants nothing else to do with Porsha but I don’t think she gives a damn. Porsha also accuses of Kandi of a sex dungeon and she asked Shamea and her to join her and Todd. Kandi denies the sex dungeon, she thinks its a good idea to have but she claims that she doesn’t have one. She is still denying those allegations and we as fans and viewers have no idea what happens behind closed doors, so anything is possible.

“If she gets drunk, she becomes an aggressive lesbian,” she said. “Like seriously. Until you’re ready to speak your truth, and be true to who you are, don’t do it boo. Don’t do it,” Kandi says.

There are always three sides to a story, her truth, her lie and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. We may never know the truth between these ladies but obviously, this has ruined there relationship.

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RHOA Recap



The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap!! So far this season, Porsha has been too extra, just way over the top and it isn’t cute. She has fame and that fame has gotten to that pea brain of hers and has affected her where she has such a bad attitude.

It seems like Porsha doesn’t treat her sister Lauren with a lot of respect but that may not be the case, we only see snippets of the show and production edits what they want the viewers to see. However, the way she treats Lauren has some truth in it, Lauren doesn’t feel appreciated and she lets Porsha know how she feels.

Porsha wants to open a hair salon using her name only but the chick knows nothing about running a hair salon. Just because her hair business is going great doesn’t mean she can open a hair salon and everything would be peaches and cream just because her name is Porsha. Lauren wanted to keep the salon small, why? I’m not sure but Porsha doesn’t want a small salon, she wants a big salon but again she has no experience in running a hair salon. Isn’t this the same girl who believed the underground railroad was an actual train?

Porsha and Lauren met with their business consultant and their real estate agent and when they were asked basic questions about the hair salon, the both of them were dumber than a box of rocks. Porsha suggested bringing in a hair salon consultant to advise them on the in and outs of running a salon and they could go from there. When their meeting ended, Lauren felt embarrassed because Porsha continues to throw that fact that this is her business but Lauren says she invested in her company so how is it just her business? The two sisters went back and forth with each other and it didn’t end good, Porsha said they should split up and Lauren stormed out calling her sister a B$TCH!!!

Gregg, Nene husband hasn’t been feeling that well, he felt that he needed to go to the hospital due to chest pains. He was admitted to the hospital for chest pains, Nene says Gregg has been complaining of chest pains for a minute but she believes its because his father had heart issues so maybe this is just a false alarm but she needed to get him to the hospital in case this was a real emergency. He didn’t have a heart attack but he may need minor surgery but any surgery is not minor to me and this is heart. We pray that Gregg is just fine, he is about the only sensible and sane person on the show.

That old Sheree is back, that “who gon check me boo,” that one, she don’t play about her money and when she hires someone to do a job, she expects that job to be 250% right, she is correct and I ain’t mad at her. Sheree is always beefing with somebody but she doesn’t take any sh$t off anyone. She threw her mom a 70’s theme birthday party because she was turning 70 years old and she looked great. It really was a cute idea but 4 hours before the party was supposed to start, Tiffanie her party planner texted her and told her that she was not showing up because she felt tension with Sheree. Tiffanie was supposed to be at Chateau Sheree setting up for the party but Sheree and her oldest daughter did it all, there was no way that Sheree was going to be embarrassed or disappoint her mother and they actually pulled it of. HELL, Sheree doesn’t need to hire a party planner, this could be a new opportunity for her.

Everyone showed up in their 70’s outfits and they all looked great. They seemed to all be having a great time and the smile on Sheree’s mom’s face said everything. Nene met up with Cynthia and Kenya at her house so they could all attend to the party together and we all know Mrs. Nene Leakes, she was snooping and she went into a walk in closet where she noticed men clothing hanging up but not many clothes were hanging up, plus they still had the tags on them. Kenya needs to stop with this foolishness, that B$TCH ain’t married. How many times did she call her alleged husband and spoke to his voice mail on just this episode? Too many to count, she looks real dumb but the truth will reveal itself sooner rather than later.

The next day Gregg called from the hospital to inform Nene that the time for his procedure had been changed and she was just on her way to the hospital. Gregg did seem a little worried, he wanted to wait for her but the doctors needed to check to see if his heart had any blockage, Nene just told him she’s about ten minutes away and go ahead and get the procedure done and she would arrive shortly.

She was now worried, the look on her face said it all, she wondered what would happen if Gregg never made it home. Wow, just keep the faith and we are praying.

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Joseline Comes For Cardi B



Former Love and Hip Hop reality star Atlanta Joseline Hernandez is jealous again over another female and this time its Cardi B. Why is everyone trying to come for this girl? She’s a hustler, she never tryies to tear another woman down unless they come for her.

Joseline is just mad because her whack a$$ career didn’t take off and when she quit Love and Hip Hop she thought jobs were just going to come to her because she’s Joseline but her actions is why she’s in the position she is in now.

A few months ago, Stevie J mentioned that Joseline was mad at Cardi B’s post that said, “Love and Hip Hop success.” Joseline is a hater, she was never a “real star,” Stevie put her on a pedestal and made her believe she was a huge star when she wasn’t. Stevie gassed her up where she was believing her career was taking off but her career is in the dumps and she isn’t with Stevie anymore, so naturally she would be hating over Cardi B’s success.

So now Joseline comes for Cardi by making a diss song, she is petty as f$ck and she’s pissed because Cardi is successful and a household name while her career is non existent and she is now a mother and that’s what she needs to be.

The record is called, “Hate Me Now. ” Really? Like Cardi gives f$ck about a whack a$$ song from Joseline that will only be heard on Youtube.

Joseline’s Instagram post:

“Y’all ready for tomorrow #hatemenow #JOSAVELI 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌#exposingyouhoes I think ima drop a snippet 2night 👀”

“…drag a Bronx b-tch yea I said it…bloody my azz….you holler blood who the hell cosigned this HO.” Excuse you??

That right there tells you how jealous Joseline is about Cardi B. Can we all just get along, stop the hate, DAMN! Be happy for Cardi, she has worked so hard to get where she is today. From a stripper, to a reality show and now a rapper, she earned her success, never give up on your dreams.

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