Porsha Responds To Apollo Rumors!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Porsha Williams has been involved in some deep sh$t this season. The latest rumor on Porsha was revealed by Todd Tucker who is Kandi’s husband and he revealed during the taping of the reunion show that Porsha and Apollo got they freak on before he turned himself in to Federal prison.

Due to Porsha’s actions this season, we kind of believe this rumor. She has been spreading lies on Kandi and Todd, then when she is caught in the lie, she admits that she lied. She sat up and told the world that Kandi and Todd tried to drug her for a threesome which we now know, is a lie. Her getting with Apollo would not be that surprising to the viewers or the fans. She denies she slept with Apollo but says they had a “moment,” what the HELL is a moment? In other words, they hooked up, quit playing girl.

Porsha and Phaedra have been tight for years now and even with this revelation about Apollo and Porsha, Phaedra puts the blame on Apollo and still wants Porsha as her friend. But after the last episode of the hit reality show, Phaedra made it clear to Kenya that they are not friends and she never liked her, so the entire time they were hanging out, Phaedra was being fake. I can see her doing the same thing when it comes to Porsha.

Porsha wants to make one thing crystal clear: it’s all total BS. A Real Housewives Of Atlanta Instagram account tweeted the rumor and Porsha quickly addressed it in the comments section, writing, “This is bull take this down !! This is a lie.”

The rumors about the alleged love affair didn’t end there as I stated before, there is also a screen shot of Porsha and Apollo sharing a “moment,” with the cast member admitting this in the caption, also adding that it’s “nobody’s business.”

So, all that did was confirm those rumors. Sometimes its better to keep quiet than to keep talking, Porsha gets caught every time.