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Phaedra Parks Responds To Rumors!!



The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3 was explosive, finally the truth about Phaedra was revealed and Porsha was still clueless. It’s like someone has to hit her over the head with a bottle for her to wake up and understand that her BFF Phaedra used her. Porsha chose Phaedra over Shamea who was her BFF, who she brought to the show, just like Shamea, we witnessed her defend Phaedra to the end and we also witnessed her not defending Shamea, which left her no other choice but to move forward without Porsha.

When Porsha revealed that it was Phaedra who informed her that Kandi and her husband Todd planned on drugging her and BFF Shamea to take advantage of them sexually, Kandi exploded. Talk about wanting to choke a HOE, I think the only reason Kandi didn’t get out the couch to attack Phaedra was because it had to sink in, she was really shocked that is was her ex-BFF who spread those rumors about her. That revelation almost killed her.

Porsha also admits to Kandi that Phaedra has been basically feeding her information all season but Porsha still never realized exactly what she was doing by letting the cat out the bag when she exposed Phaedra and everything she said and did when it concerned Kandi and Shamea.

Phaedra for the first time in her life was stuck, the southern belle is a word smith, she always has a come back, but not that day, she said nothing and her facial expression said it all. Phaedra now wants to respond to what Porsha alleges, she needed to respond then, not now after she has watched the reunion a few times and has thought about what transpired, and now has answers, she is too damn old for the nonsense and a single mother of two sons that she loves to throw up in everyone’s help.

Phaedra claims that she doesn’t have time to be in some gossip, she has several jobs but its other members on the show and their family who continue to discuss her daily. That’s my problem with Phaedra, “B$TCH, own your sh$t, if you own your sh$t, then nobody can come at you sideways but she always wants people to believe she’s this southern belle. B$TCH, stop, you were married to a felon who is now locked up in federal prison, he allegedly took the fall for you both,” she is not ms innocent and she is not a southern belle. She’s a wannabe with a 1000 degrees who is ratchet with a 100 jobs and two sons, she needs to stop while she’s ahead.

She also claims the entire season should prove to the viewers that the season is about her and a certain person and their family are discussing her when all she is doing is raising her sons and working her 99 jobs. We all know she is talking about Kandi and again, if she was to own her sh$t, she would have said her name instead of beating around the bush.

She fails to realize that this season was about her, Porsha, Kandi and Phaedra, when we see the footage of Phaedra and the finger, that was a domino effect due to Phaedra. So, she needs to quit thinking that Kandi was throwing her under the bus when it was actually her who said that Kandi and her husband wanted to drug Porsha and Shamea. She accused Kandi and her husband of rape and she believes she did nothing wrong and they were coming after her? What Kandi and Todd need to do is sue this b$tch, she was involved herself in Kandi’s ex-employee Johnny who is suing Kandi, why shouldn’t they sue her for defamation of character?

Kandi wouldn’t need to drug Porsha or anyone, that was a lie from the gate but to say it for the world and accuse to her and her husband, that’s a betrayal I don’t think I could forgive. Kandi has a career, she’s very successful and to let that come out could damage her career, her family and her business but maybe that’s what Phaedra was attempting to do.

Her sh$t is falling to the way side, Kandi continues to grow and she can’t take it. Somehow, somewhere she blames Kandi for the destruction of her marriage to Apollo, something ain’t right with that chick.

The worst apart about Phaedra, she tries to justify her behavior as if she did nothing wrong. She knows exactly what she is doing, she’s no dummy, she probably didn’t expect what she told Porsha to get this far but it has and now she wants to blame everyone but herself. Its sad that Porsha is still clueless, Phaedra really did a job on her, she still had no idea what was going on even when Kandi exploded. She had the deer in the headlight look, just sad!!

Part 4 of the reunion is this Sunday and this is the episode where all the bones fall out as we watch Phaedra’s lies, jealousy, envy, betrayals and shadiness come to the forefront.

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RHOA Recap



The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap!! So far this season, Porsha has been too extra, just way over the top and it isn’t cute. She has fame and that fame has gotten to that pea brain of hers and has affected her where she has such a bad attitude.

It seems like Porsha doesn’t treat her sister Lauren with a lot of respect but that may not be the case, we only see snippets of the show and production edits what they want the viewers to see. However, the way she treats Lauren has some truth in it, Lauren doesn’t feel appreciated and she lets Porsha know how she feels.

Porsha wants to open a hair salon using her name only but the chick knows nothing about running a hair salon. Just because her hair business is going great doesn’t mean she can open a hair salon and everything would be peaches and cream just because her name is Porsha. Lauren wanted to keep the salon small, why? I’m not sure but Porsha doesn’t want a small salon, she wants a big salon but again she has no experience in running a hair salon. Isn’t this the same girl who believed the underground railroad was an actual train?

Porsha and Lauren met with their business consultant and their real estate agent and when they were asked basic questions about the hair salon, the both of them were dumber than a box of rocks. Porsha suggested bringing in a hair salon consultant to advise them on the in and outs of running a salon and they could go from there. When their meeting ended, Lauren felt embarrassed because Porsha continues to throw that fact that this is her business but Lauren says she invested in her company so how is it just her business? The two sisters went back and forth with each other and it didn’t end good, Porsha said they should split up and Lauren stormed out calling her sister a B$TCH!!!

Gregg, Nene husband hasn’t been feeling that well, he felt that he needed to go to the hospital due to chest pains. He was admitted to the hospital for chest pains, Nene says Gregg has been complaining of chest pains for a minute but she believes its because his father had heart issues so maybe this is just a false alarm but she needed to get him to the hospital in case this was a real emergency. He didn’t have a heart attack but he may need minor surgery but any surgery is not minor to me and this is heart. We pray that Gregg is just fine, he is about the only sensible and sane person on the show.

That old Sheree is back, that “who gon check me boo,” that one, she don’t play about her money and when she hires someone to do a job, she expects that job to be 250% right, she is correct and I ain’t mad at her. Sheree is always beefing with somebody but she doesn’t take any sh$t off anyone. She threw her mom a 70’s theme birthday party because she was turning 70 years old and she looked great. It really was a cute idea but 4 hours before the party was supposed to start, Tiffanie her party planner texted her and told her that she was not showing up because she felt tension with Sheree. Tiffanie was supposed to be at Chateau Sheree setting up for the party but Sheree and her oldest daughter did it all, there was no way that Sheree was going to be embarrassed or disappoint her mother and they actually pulled it of. HELL, Sheree doesn’t need to hire a party planner, this could be a new opportunity for her.

Everyone showed up in their 70’s outfits and they all looked great. They seemed to all be having a great time and the smile on Sheree’s mom’s face said everything. Nene met up with Cynthia and Kenya at her house so they could all attend to the party together and we all know Mrs. Nene Leakes, she was snooping and she went into a walk in closet where she noticed men clothing hanging up but not many clothes were hanging up, plus they still had the tags on them. Kenya needs to stop with this foolishness, that B$TCH ain’t married. How many times did she call her alleged husband and spoke to his voice mail on just this episode? Too many to count, she looks real dumb but the truth will reveal itself sooner rather than later.

The next day Gregg called from the hospital to inform Nene that the time for his procedure had been changed and she was just on her way to the hospital. Gregg did seem a little worried, he wanted to wait for her but the doctors needed to check to see if his heart had any blockage, Nene just told him she’s about ten minutes away and go ahead and get the procedure done and she would arrive shortly.

She was now worried, the look on her face said it all, she wondered what would happen if Gregg never made it home. Wow, just keep the faith and we are praying.

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Joseline Comes For Cardi B



Former Love and Hip Hop reality star Atlanta Joseline Hernandez is jealous again over another female and this time its Cardi B. Why is everyone trying to come for this girl? She’s a hustler, she never tryies to tear another woman down unless they come for her.

Joseline is just mad because her whack a$$ career didn’t take off and when she quit Love and Hip Hop she thought jobs were just going to come to her because she’s Joseline but her actions is why she’s in the position she is in now.

A few months ago, Stevie J mentioned that Joseline was mad at Cardi B’s post that said, “Love and Hip Hop success.” Joseline is a hater, she was never a “real star,” Stevie put her on a pedestal and made her believe she was a huge star when she wasn’t. Stevie gassed her up where she was believing her career was taking off but her career is in the dumps and she isn’t with Stevie anymore, so naturally she would be hating over Cardi B’s success.

So now Joseline comes for Cardi by making a diss song, she is petty as f$ck and she’s pissed because Cardi is successful and a household name while her career is non existent and she is now a mother and that’s what she needs to be.

The record is called, β€œHate Me Now. ” Really? Like Cardi gives f$ck about a whack a$$ song from Joseline that will only be heard on Youtube.

Joseline’s Instagram post:

“Y’all ready for tomorrow #hatemenow #JOSAVELI 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌#exposingyouhoes I think ima drop a snippet 2night πŸ‘€”

β€œβ€¦drag a Bronx b-tch yea I said it…bloody my azz….you holler blood who the hell cosigned this HO.” Excuse you??

That right there tells you how jealous Joseline is about Cardi B. Can we all just get along, stop the hate, DAMN! Be happy for Cardi, she has worked so hard to get where she is today. From a stripper, to a reality show and now a rapper, she earned her success, never give up on your dreams.

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