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Phaedra Parks Home For Rent



The former Real Housewives Of Atlanta reality Star Phaedra Parks is definitely going through some trying times and it looks like money may be her down fall. What’s done in the dark always comes to the light and with her now ex-husband Apollo Nida in prison for a number of things, the truth about Phaedra is slowing coming to the light.

As we all know, Phaedra was let go from the housewives due to her lying and her ability to shift the blame on others and never accepting her role anything came to fruition and her a$$ was let go. She and Apollo’s divorce was final in June 2017 and she claims she had to pay him a huge chunk of her money but that is another lie she told during the reunion. She even pulled out fake documents of her divorce and handed them to Andy Cohen like they weren’t going to check behind her lying a$$ but I digress, she’s back in the media and it appears she’s lying again.

Allegedly, Phaedra’s beautiful mansion that she and Apollo purchased together a few years ago renovations were done to the home so that the value of the home would increase if they ever decided to sell. Well, it looks as if our favorite southern bell has allegedly decided to rent her mansion for $10,000 per month. That’s a whole lotta coins for rent, why doesn’t she just sell the house? Because Phaedra will never let you see her sweat, if she sells the house, she would have to come up with an explanation as to why, by her renting the house out, she can always lie and say she wanted something smaller.

Without her “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” money, it’s definitely not hard to believe the rumors that her property is for rent. Her Atlanta mansion is worth 1.9 million dollars, I think I would be selling it instead of renting it, finding myself a smaller home for me and my sons instead of trying to continue to keep up with the Jones, that’s her probably and that’s why she is in the position she is in.

Everybody falls, no one is perfect, what makes a person stand out is the ability to tell the truth. Phaedra has hurt Kandi in more ways than one and we have no idea if she has reached out to her one time BFF to resolve their issues or not but she is a woman who never owns her sh$t, so I’m gonna say that she hasn’t.

Once the story hit social media and the the listing of her property went public it mysteriously disappeared and Phaedra tweeted to her followers that it was all a lie. Of course she did, that is what Phaedra does, the truth can slap her in the face and she would say it was a lie.

Tweets from Phaedra: Rumors my house is for lease is a lie. If you’re so trifling & need a place to stay I may consider letting u use my guest house. Going bk to my vacay. #MarthasVineyard #unbothered

She needs to stop, she known as the international liar!!!

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Hazel E, Rose Burgandy Twitter Beef With Jess



Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Hazel E and her switch hitting boyfriend tries coming for comedian Jess Hilarious, Hazel E wants attention so bad, she craves it and will make a mountain out of a molehill.

Allegedly the reality star and her switch hitter boyfriend had words with Jess, it all started when Jess decided to speak negatively, about Hazel E’s book in an InstaGram post, calling it dumb titled. Ok, well first all, when did she write a book and it couldn’t be a best seller because I haven’t heard of her book. She knows all too well about getting roasted, people cracking on her, Hazel’s skin is thick, she can take anything, so why clap back at the comedian? She is starving for attention, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood will soon be over and she needs to make those coins to take care of her youngin.

Hazel E’s switch hitting boyfriend decided to clap back at Jess and it just wasn’t a good luck. He’s only 25 years old, still wet behind the ears, he doesn’t have the experience needed to clap back at someone like Jess who just happens to be a comedian.

So then, the switch hitter tried it, he really tried to embarrass Jess by posting old nude photos of her. Jess responded, “those are old pics of me,” Rose claims he dated Jess back in the day, but what is back in the day if he’s 25 years old? This sh$t is hilarious, he only clapped back because she outed his fruity a$$. Jess came out on social media and stated Rose Burgandy is a cheater and loves the boys, but of course he denies her allegations and her reliable source. He denies cheating with a man, but he didn’t deny cheating on Hazel with a woman though. His a$$ went f$cking crazy posting up a burning LBGTQ flag and some mean and hateful words. He’s just embarrassed that Jess said he was gay out loud on social media when I”m sure everyone figured the same thing, they just kept it to themselves.

Anybody with a brain and eyes could see that the lil boy is a switch hitter. Don’t nobody want Hazel, especially her 25 year old play thing, he wants to be a rapper, go figure.

Hazel gets so upset and angry over Twitter, she goes in on Jess’ skin complexion, calling her dark butt and monkeys. Hazel E’s entire body is allegedly filled with plastic surgery, why would she call a beautiful black woman a monkey? She thinks her skin complexion is better than Jess’s? I’m confused, there are so many little black girls who look like Jess and they get picked on because of their skin color. All she did was confirm what those little girls think about themselves. Hazel has a lighter complexion, but she still UGLY, skin color doesn’t make the person, its who you are as person inside that makes you.

InstaGram post from Rose Burgandy:

RoseBurgandy “I’m 25 B$TCH you really want to know how I feel about gays so bad well here you go I hope all gays die and go to hell that’s where I’m coming from B$TCH check your lies before you post I’m from piru B$TCH I’m 25 not 19 and its Denzell with two L’s B$tch google me.”

Rose and Hazel E both went off about being gay, if Rose isn’t gay, why did he get so upset? Silence is golden, he didn’t have to say a word but he did and now we all know the real truth.

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Platinum Life Crystal And Asiah



“The Platinum Life” aired this past this past Sunday and these ladies get just as hood as a chick on the street. Having money doesn’t make you, its what’s inside your soul that will make you.

Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Renay is always in some drama, she had two previous reality shows and she was rude, disrespectful, nasty and talked any kind of way to her friends, she couldn’t be my friend, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Crystal is right in the middle of some petty a$$ drama. Ne-Yo has his hands full, an ex-wife with children and current wife with a child, Crystal is too outspoken and she thinks she can run anybody, she’s probably running Ne-Yo.

These ladies of “The Platinum Life” aren’t any different than the housewives or even Love and Hip Hop, they can get just ratchet as they need to be. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you.

It looks like Ne-yo may have told Crystal to apologize to Asiah, so of course how does she apologize? Yes, you got it, on Instagram, that is not a real apology, she didn’t mean it, she should have called Asiah or they could have met her for lunch so they she could apologize verbally. That’s a weak a$$ apology but I guess she felt like Instagram was easier, not, she didn’t really want to apologize, yes she was out of line, the fight was so petty, they could have just laughed it off. Everybody talk about everybody behind they back so, let it go and move on.

Crystal’s apologize she posted on Instagram:

“Pride aside, I want all of you amazing women not to do what I’ve done but to learn from it. The tongue is mightier than the sword and I want us to learn to take the higher road in all situations. I will forever stand for what I believe is true but I’m not ignorant enough to not acknowledge my part in anything. Love you all for the OVERWHELMING SUPPORT and LOVE! #ThePlatinumLife #crystalsmith #GrowthGameStrong”

Check out Asiah’s response to to Crystal:

“I’m sooooo wack! Oh and a peasant”

Everything about this argument was ghetto, Crystal looked as if she was going to jump Asiah on the plane, that’s when it went too far. This show has more than enough drama between each other.

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