Omarosa Receives Death Threats!!

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Reality star and Queen B$tch, Omarosa Manigault postponed her wedding due to the many death threats she and soon to be husband have allegedly received.

Omarosa has always been outspoken, vain and just plain old mean, having to postpone her wedding, I’m quite sure she wasn’t thrilled with having to relocate the wedding to another state and move the date.

We were introduced to Omarosa when she appeared on “The Apprentice,” although she didn’t win, Donald Trump took a liking to her and she appeared on a dating show that Donald Trump was apart of. She has been linked to The President ever since, I believe she was f$cking him then and now, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Omarosa’s fiance’ is a Pastor, of all things, I never saw that coming. Pastor Newman is a Democrat and she is a Republican, how can their marriage survive?

The pastors members doesn’t approve of their pastor marrying a woman who works for President Donald Trump who allegedly spoke negatively about President Barack Obama, they feel their pastor is using poor judgment by marrying her. The wedding was was scheduled on March 25, 2017 but she and soon to be husband allegedly received death threats on their lives as well as receiving resistance from the church that her soon to be husband is over.

That was a choice he made, whether we like it or not, if she loves it, we must respect it. I’m just surprised she’s marrying a pastor.

Several sources are reporting once their wedding is reschedule, the invited guests will have submit to a background check. I understand that she has to protect herself and her fiance’ but a background check? I think that might be a bit too much and for me, I look at that as being an invasion of privacy.

She has since moved the wedding to Washington D.C. and the new date is scheduled for April 8, 2017, but if these threats are real, if someone really wanted to get her, they could. She claims to be getting death threats but she lets the entire world know that she is getting married in Washington D.C. That doesn’t make any sense to me, a lot of celebrities have gotten married under the radar making sure they would be safe and the paparazzi was nowhere around, sounds suspicious to me.

Naturally she invited President Donald Trump, her alleged side man and again that’s my opinion and sticking to it. Also the secret service and extra security will be in the building. It must be nice to allegedly have an affair with the President and gets invited to the wedding. Will he be in attendance, I doubt it, I just can’t see him attending but anything is possible.

Omarosa is denying that she has received death threats, then why did she postpone the first date and the move the wedding to Washington D.C.? I’m confused and so is she. The black community and the Democratic party hasn’t accepted her, she claims her black friends have disowned her, but she had to know siding with Trump was not acceptable. President Trump appointed Omarosa as White House Liaison whatever that means, sounds like a glorified mistress title to me and again this is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

However, we don’t want any harm to come to Omarosa or her soon to be husband, she deserves a happy and fulfilling life just like the rest of the world. We may not like her but we should respect her. Congrats to the happy couple!!