Odell Beckham & Iggy Azalea

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NFL’s Odell Beckham is rumored to be dating Iggy Azalea, he seems to have a type as well, word on the street, the professional football player has allegedly missed quite a few practices since hooking up with the female rapper. The New York Giants coaches along with his team mates are questioning the people who is now in his circle and his decision not to attend practices, he isn’t on a team by himself, that’s why they call it a team.

It just seems like most young, rich, professional athletes get the big head once they have experienced some fame and have attained notoriety along with lots cash, once they have hit that level of success for them, they feel they don’t need to work hard anymore, they believe in their heads they have already made it. Odell has allegedly dated multiple women, but his focus should be on the upcoming football season, I can guarantee that if he becomes broke, these women won’t be around.

Several sources are reporting that the baller was at Bowlero Woodland Hills with Iggy, I guess they were on a sweet little romantic date when his a$$ should have been with his team working out and practicing. However, the couple seemed to be really getting to know each other as they cozied up together, awe isn’t that special.

A reliable source close to the couple states, “They were with a small group of friends and rented the full venue out for their group, just having fun, bowling and eating throughout their visit.”

The source also claims that Odell and Iggy ewre so cute and being romantic with each other while they appeared to get more than up close and personal. Awe, ain’t that cute? It won’t be cute if his a$$ gets traded, we get it, he’s young, somewhat handsome and has money, but all of that could be gone tomorrow. No one is saying he shouldn’t be dating Iggy, they may really work well as a couple but she has her music and he has his football career, they both have to respect each other’s career.

Is Odell possibly damaging his football career? I think not, its too early to tell but he needs to see where Chad Ochoncinko and Terrell Owens are today. No joke, football is a sport that will end your career within seconds.

This past Wednesday, Odell tweeted this message. “We hope he can follow his own advice and stay the course!Beckham is expected to show up to practice today — hopefully Iggy will remove her cakes from him for long enough for that to happen.”

I don’t even understand how that makes any sense, he made need to get drug tested? Something about that tweet is off, he worked to hard to get here, he should never allow outside influences disrupt his game or his future.