Nicki’s Fans Calling Remy’s Probation Officer!!

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It looks like the beef between Remy and Nicki may have just elevated and its not necessarily between the two but between Nicki Minaj’s fans. Nicki Minaj’s fans are really upset with Remy and her diss track and they are taking their beef between the two rappers to another level. Fans are fans, just that, the beef between the two female mcee’s are between those two not the fans.

Nicki’s fans decided if she isn’t going to go after Remy they will and this is a vicious attack against Remy could possible get her locked up again with Nicki’s fans knowing she was released from prison a few years back. According to a video from Remy, Nicki’s fans have taken the rappers beef to a personal level and I just can’t understand why these fans of Nicki are trying to do a “Captain Save A Hoe” if she doesn’t care. She hasn’t responded to Remy’s diss track and if she wanted too, she could have if her ghost writer was available. So, I’m just a little confused by these fans, why are they involving themselves in a situation that has nothing to do with them?

Remy claims that people have threatened to contact her probation officer over a beef she has with Nicki. That just goes to show you how evil and hateful people are in this world. Remy Ma did her time in prison, 6 years, she is rebuilding her reputation and working on her marriage and trying to get to know her children again. If someone comes at you, you don’t have the right to defend yourself? These fans are delusional, they are Nicki Minaj fans, what else could I have expected?

However, when Nicki came for Remy that was okay but when she came for Nicki they want to call her probation officer which could get her in trouble and this all over some words between two female rappers. You will try and ruin this woman who did her time for some words? Why isn’t anyone mad at Nicki for not finishing a beef she started? I’m just so confused my head hurts.

These are some of the messages Remy has received, “N**gas was saying like, ‘Oh, call her P.O., oh you’re getting sued’,” she said. “I can’t f**k with n**gas that think calling police, or the P.O., or suing somebody is gangster. Y’all n**gas is f**king lames.”

Remy definitely isn’t calling the police over this little beef that somehow has became major, so before even contacting the authorities, she would handle it personally. Calling her probation officer not only affects Remy, but it affects her husband and her children. She hasn’t done anything to Nicki that would warrant a call to her probation officer. If they do call, I hope the probation officer laughs in there faces because this is petty, ridiculous and has nothing to do with Nicki’s fans.

I’m not sure what offense Nicki’s fans could report to her probation officer that could get her arrested, but she still doesn’t want to go through having to explain herself to her probation officer over words. If Nicki fans wanna ride for Nicki, ride on and if Remy’s fans wanna ride for Remy, ride on but do not involve the police when it isn’t your issue. I still don’t know what Nicki’s fans could say to her probation officer but this generation is so sneaky, devilish and out cold. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fabricated a death threat through social media saying it came from Remy. I don’t trust them or anyone these days but if Nicki Minaj’s fans are really plotting something vicious as contacting Remy’s probation officer, that is some dirty sh$t. This is when Nicki needs to step in and set the record straight instead of hiding behind closed doors.