Nicki Minaj & Young M.A!!

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Nicki Minaj is at it again, she allegedly has a thing for rapper Young M.A. She claims that her recent words regarding female rapper Young M.A have been taken to another level that she wasn’t trying to imply.

In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club radio show, Nicki Minaj was asked about the current female rappers that are trying to establish themselves and mentioned that she had “a thing for” Young M.A, who happens to be openly gay.

It seems that a lot of fans took Nicki’s comments to mean she had a crush on Young M.A, and even the young rapper herself seemed a little bit confused on how to understand what Nicki was saying. Naturally, she was impressed, shocked at the same time. I don’t think Young M.A has a problem with what Nicki Minaj said.

“Yeah I heard Nicki Minaj, her interview on Hot 97,” M.A told Fuse. “I don’t wanna assume it’s that though, because people take things out of proportion or whatever.”

“I mean she did say ‘I have a thing for Young M.A’ but she didn’t purposely say ‘I want Young M.A’, so you know … I just hear that she’s showing love, giving props and showing respect as an OG. But even if she did mean it … Cool, you know what I mean?”

But it seems as though Nicki Minaj just wanted to show Young M.A some love as an upcoming rapper. Nicki posted a message on her Instagram to remind the world that she only has eyes for one other “human.”

She posted a picture of her boyfriend Meek Mill and wrote: “I love a good joke, but s/o to the ONLY human I have a THING for.?”

Nicki Minaj had a thing for Dej Loaf last year and the two spent the night together, allegedly. Nicki may like women, she may like to flirt or play with these women but I don’t think she would leave a man for a woman. Its hard for me to call Meek Mill a man, he acts more like a female than a man. Maybe that’s why Nicki is sometimes confused about how she feels when it comes to certain women.

I get why she may have a thing for Young M.A, she does have the swerve, that it factor, she’s talented and she’s good to look at. I ain’t mad at Nicki at all, if she likes it, I love it.