Nicki Minaj VS Remy MA Beef!!

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Nicki Minaj releases three new tracks, two of the tracks no doubt are referring to Remy Ma, “No Frauds” and “Changed It.” I guess it took the bubblegum barbie wannabe rapper 12 days to respond to Remy’s “shETHER,” diss track and she didn’t come alone. Drake and Lil Wayne are on the tracks giving Nicki some help because Remy murdered her 2 weeks ago.

So why did it take Nicki 12 days to respond to Remy? I’m going to take an educated guess and say that her ghost writer wasn’t available. She probably had to sit tight and wait for Drake to write those tracks because we all know Nicki is a bubblegum rapper who can’t spit real bars.

Social media is on fire and the fans have been quick to voice their opinions on Nicki and her released tracks. We have all moved on and so had Remy but with Nicki, she has to have the last word. Nicki seems to have her fans taking her side during all the drama, but it looks like Nicki’s beef with Remy just increased her revenue. She released songs, meaning it really wasn’t about Remy, it was about her pockets and all Remy did was help her to increase her pockets.

Real rappers battle, they don’t wait 12 days to respond to a beef that should have been in the wind. Nicki is not a real rapper, 12 days? Come on what real rapper waits to respond to a beef when their reputation is on the line?

The fact that Nicki is posting recent number of sales for her albums, basically tells us she only cares about the money. All this attention over the Remy beef and the release of her response diss track, “No Frauds” has worked out for her. Remy is not a bubblegum rapper nor is she a pop rapper, once Nicki crossed over to the pop world, that was it.

Remy Ma responds to Nicki Minaj on Instagram regarding the release of her songs. “Sometimes you just gotta sit back and watch like…” she wrote along with a trio of smug and clown-faced emojis. But we know Remy is cooking up something for Nicki Minaj!!

Nicki has started a battle with Remy Ma that will never be over, a battle she didn’t need. Remy isn’t Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift, she is a real rapper who did real time in prison, why would she come for somebody who hasn’t come for her? Nicki is jealous of Remy, she didn’t believe she would be doing so well once she was released from prison. When another rapper is on the scene and they are good, Nicki becomes jealous and she finds ways to get rid of them.

For instance, Iggy Azaelea, when she began to win all sorts of awards, Nicki was pissed and dogged the girl out as much as possible. It’s like Remy said, Nicki does dirt behind the scenes, like getting Remy’s, “shETHER,” removed from ICLOUD. Nicki is a snake, someone to watch out for but in this case, she may want to watch her back. There are a lot of Remy Ma die hard fans!!