Nicki Minaj Skips BET Awards

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Rapper Nicki Minaj allegedly will not be apart of BET’s Award show this season and inquiring minds want to know. She has actually been apart of the show for the last few years and has been relatively successful at winning awards and performing.

Every BET Awards show, Nicki wins more awards than most female rappers, so why is she allegedly declining to appear this year? It may have something to do with Remy MA, Nicki has run her mouth so much about Remy, I’m pretty sure she’s scared to run into her in person at the awards show. All Nicki does is talk sh$t, she never backs her sh$t up and she has been a fixture at the awards for years now, but guess who won’t be missing her? Yours truly, who cares if the coward won’t be in attendance, I say “thank you.”

Allegedly the rapper confirms she’s performing at the NBA awards, which so happens takes place a day after the BET awards. Now, we know Nicki loves to perform, BET has the best performances and the best fans, she decides to perform at the NBA awards rather than the BET Awards? Yep, something ain’t right with this picture and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Fans seem to believe Nicki is being shady about the real reason she won’t be in attendance at the BET awards, I think she’s running from Remy and I’ll continue to repeat what I believe is her reasons. Sometimes people should really be careful when choosing a battle and she chose the wrong battle with Remy Ma.

This year Nicki is nominated in the same category as Remy Ma and Cardi B, who has actually been hanging with Remy and rumors are swirling that she also has diss song for Nicki which she plans to perform with Remy. Nicki did come Cardi B out the blue but since Cardi and Remy are together, you can bet your bottom dollar that these two are coming for Nicki at the show. Nicki probably didn’t want to get embarrassed by Remy and Cardi especially when they perform a diss song together about her. See how she rolls, Nicki goes after the performers she can get away with, she tried Remy but Remy buried that fake a$$.

The fans are upset that Nicki won’t be at the awards show and social media is going in on her. She has her reasons but they mean nothing to me, good riddance.