Nia Long & Taraji P. Henson’s Feud!!

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The beautiful actress Nia Long appeared on the premiere episode of Empire which aired Wednesday night on Fox. When learning that she would be appearing on the show, I really felt that was a great look for her, she is one of my favorite actresses. However, rumors have been running rampant stating that Nia and Taraji are at war on the set of Empire.

I didn’t want to believe that two beautiful black and phenomenal actresses would be at each others throat on the set of Empire. Rumors like these always spread when a show is returning and when there are two strong black beautiful actresses on set. This is what people want to see, they love to watch powerful black women fight instead of working together. I’m still having a hard time believing these rumors are true but several blog sites are indicating the rumors are true.

Allegedly Nia wanted to be the star of Empire, I find that hard to believe, this is Taraji’s show and she is the star of the show. How could Nia even believe that she could be a star of a show where that star is already Taraji? Taraji is definitely the star and so far that is not changing anytime soon.

Allegedly the producers of the show were trying to find ways to separate the two by shooting their joint scenes separately. If it was really that horrible with Nia where they needed to shoot separate scenes, maybe they should have replaced her. There are so many other black actresses that could play her role.

A reliable source close to the show reports that Nia may not be on the show anymore after her reprehensible behavior. Several sources are also stating that Nia is threatening to sue Empire over a horrible goodbye from the show as her role ended. Nia was allegedly rude and nasty to Empire’s glam squad and she was upset about how her hair was styled and her make-up. Taraji witnessed her behavior and how nasty she was to the glam squad and that definitely rubbed her the wrong way.

Word on the street, Nia and Taraji allegedly argued in front of the crew and the entire cast. I really hope Taraji didn’t allow Nia to get under her skin, it appears that Nia could be upset that she isn’t apart of an amazing show and watching Taraji continue to amaze us with her role as Cookie Lyon. Jealousy and envy is definitely not a good look for Nia and with this behavior on the set of Empire, she may have a hard time securing another role on television or movies.

That diva attitude is a wrap, as I stated before, there are many black beautiful and amazing actresses that can replace her at a given moment. Nia doesn’t strike me as the type who would pull that diva behavior so I’m still on the fence. I love Taraji and if you don’t come for her, she won’t come for you.

Nia’s rep, claims the feud rumors are not true, but something about these rumors have to be true. Her rep continues to state that throughout her career, Nia has been a true professional treating all members of productions and staff with respect. Her rep never mentioned whether the rumors about Nia suing the show are true? Something ain’t right with this picture. We need to work together as black women and support each other in an industry that is hard to remain in.

I hope all works out and I pray that two of my favorite actresses weren’t truly beefing among each other on the show. Empire is a great drama series and we don’t want to lose Taraji as Cookie Lyons.