NFL’S TJ Green & Transgender!!

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The transgenders are taking over the world and it seems to me, very few people don’t have an issue with transgenders, they feel they have the right to live in their truth. I’m sorry, I have an issue with transgenders, when you are born a woman, you are a woman, GOD created man and woman, not woman and woman or man and man. No wonder the young people today are confused about their sexual preference because I certainly am.

Allegedly, NFL rookie TJ Green who plays for the Indianapolis Colt may be in a little of trouble. Word on the street, the sexy NFL baller was allegedly caught trying to direct message an alleged transgender woman by the name of Marina Fuentes. She happens to be from Las Vegas and she works as a dancer at Drais strip club in Vegas. She was born a man and now she’s a woman and loving herself. This is some scary sh$t, you don’t know if you’re f$cking with a man or a woman. This is the type of sh$t that will get you killed.

NFL’S TJ Green currently plays safety for the Indianapolis Colts. He played college football at Clemson, and was drafted by the Colts in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft. Damn, he must be good, second round and he’s playing with a transgender who could possibly ruin his career. Nobody and I mean nobody would cause me to jeopardize my career for a man who is now a woman.

With the allegations spreading, I’m pretty sure he will try and bribe this Marina Fuentes, but the cat is out the bag now.

According to the stripper, she claims her DMs are overflowing with professional athletes who are either curious, sex freaks or just interested in her. Low key, they are gay, they are aware she used to be a man and they still want her, that’s what I called confused, on her part and any man who wants to get down with her is confused and dumb as a box of rocks.

Word on the streets, the stripper wasn’t really interested in the star football player, she says” Bruce Gender is having a crazy affect on this world, I guess they’re trying to make it normal.-TO!” Wow, TJ you might wanna get it together, own your truth, are you into men who look like women or are you just into men? Inquiring minds want to know!!