NeNe Leakes Son Brentt Gets Robbed!!

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Former Real Housewives Of Atlanta NeNe Leakes is doing big things, unfortunately while performing at a comedy club in Chicago, her son Brentt gets robbed.

The black on black crimes, police shootings, rapes, men wanting to be women and molesters have gone way too far in the world we live in today. Brentt, was assisting his mom while she was performing on her So Nasty, So Rude comedy tour when Brentt was attacked and robbed by an irate fan. Now, that’s a damn shame, usually Greg, NeNe’s husband usually accompanies her, but he wasn’t in attendance. I can bet your bottom dollar that Greg won’t leave NeNe’s side again or allow Brentt to travel with her. NeNe is a star, she needs security with her at all times.

Brentt was handling the merchandise stand on Wednesday night at The Promontory in Chicago. Reliable sources close to NeNe claims that he was attacked by an angry fan who was demanding a refund. Now does that make sense? Whoever robbed him planned that, ain’t no way he decided to rob NeNe son, that robber targeted him to get to her, ain’t nobody stupid.

When NeNe’s 17-year-old didn’t give the customer their cash back, the guy snatched his backpack which contained his laptop and his wallet. So, we already know whoever this robber was, pawned that laptop. Its a wrap and whatever money that was in his wallet is gone, I’m sure he dumped the wallet and kept the cash.

Police in Chicago reportedly have surveillance footage of the robbery, but have not been able to make any arrests yet. Brentt was not injured during the robbery and is said to be most upset about losing his ID.

Brentt grew up in the burbs, he is not about that life and that’s okay, he knows nothing about crime, it never affected him, his parents kept him away from crime as much as possible. Chicago is not the place to be today and I know NeNe is angry as HELL!! She is angry at the comedy club for not protecting her son and pissed at the person who robbed her son. I really hope this bastard gets caught!!!