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Nelly Denies Rape Allegations



Rapper Nelly was arrested early  Saturday morning on charges of rape, he was being held in police custody after a 21 year old woman claimed he forced himself on her on while on the rapper’s tour bus in Washington state. Nelly was taken in on second degree rape charges but he has been released and is speaking out on Twitter regarding these bogus charges.

Let’s be clear, I don’t know Nelly personally but this is a story I just can’t believe. Women are always on the come up when it comes to celebrities. He probably turned her down and because he rejected her, she calls rape. She better hope that rape kit shows that she was raped and has Nelly’s DNA on her. If not, he should sue the hell out of her for damaging his name and reputation.

Nelly is coming out fighting as he denies these allegations. In a series of  tweets, the rapper makes it clear that he is innocent of these charges and he let  his family, friends, and fans know that he could never take sex from a woman period. He is that phenomenal father, uncle and an amazing artist, that doesn’t mean he could’t have slipped up but the Nelly we know, wouldn’t rape a young 21 year old when he has a daughter, niece and a girlfriend.
Nelly was released pending further investigation, not having been charged with any crime, he walked out of police custody. In other words, the police has no proof, if they did, he wouldn’t have been released that quick. This definitely sounds like a set up to me, somebody trying to get paid off his coins.
In a series of tweets, this is what Nelly had to say:

“Let me say that I am beyond shocked that I have been targeted with this false allegation. I am completely innocent. I am confident that once the facts are looked at , it will be very clear that I am the victim of a false allegation.”

“I do want to apologize to my loved ones for the embarrassment and for putting myself in a situation where I could be victimized by this false and defaming allegation.”

“I also want to thank my fans for their unwavering support. They know me. I assure you I will be vindicated. And I assure you, I will pursue every legal option to address this defaming claim. Thank you”

“In other words y’all know damm well I ain’t do no dumm S^*t like this..!! Love ..!!!!”

“To be absolutely clear. I have not been charged with a crime therefore no bail was required. I was released , pending further investigation.”

According to a reliable source close to the 21 year old woman, her side of the story:

“the 21-year-old Seattle resident claims she met Nelly at a club in Washington, where she and her friends drank at his table and got “tipsy.”

“She says she was invited to an after-party and drove off with Nelly’s people. The woman says she was taken to Nelly’s tour bus.”

“She says she was in Nelly’s room with him when he tried to have sex with her and she said no. She claims Nelly told her to “shut up” and said he wanted to have sex with her without protection, which she says he did over her objections.”

“The woman says, afterward, Nelly offered her money, but she declined, and then a woman came up and said, “You gotta go.” She kicked her off the bus and threw $100 at her.”

That 21 year old was embarrassed that she alleged got $100 for having sex with Nelly if that even occurred and now she wants to cry rape. Their are woman in this world who has been raped, that is nothing to play with or joke around. I just don’t believe her and because he was released and no charges pending, the police don’t believe her either. Time will reveal the truth, karma is a b$tch and she is gone catch it one way or another.


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Beyonce’ Is Performing At The Royal Wedding



Queen Bey is allegedly rumored to be performing at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The couple chose the right performer for their special day and I’m quite sure she is just as excited as they are.

This information comes from Palace, so somebody is snitching but at least its a good snitch. Beyonce’ has May 19 on her calendar, the day the couple are to get married. That could mean a couple of things, she could have been invited to the wedding or they could have asked her to perform for the wedding. Whatever the case may be this is such an accomplishment for Beyonce’.

A reliable source close to the singer says, “Beyonce’s planning a very special, surprise performance for the newlyweds,”. Knowing Beyonce’, I’m pretty sure its something spectacular.

According other reliable sources Queen Bey she is ecstatic, honored and excited to be a part of this fairy tale love story and it definitely is a fairy tale.

“Beyonce truly considers it a crowning achievement,” says the source. “She can’t wait.”

Its so beautiful to watch Prince Harry and Meghan together, this is a real live love story, not only that but the Prince also invited President Obama to the wedding, he is definitely down to earth. But where is Donald Quack Quack Trump’s invitation? Probably lost in the mail, he doesn’t need to attend anyway, his whack a$$ toupe’ may fly away.

Congrats to Beyonce’ and to Prince Harry and his bride to be Megan Markle.

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Stacey Dash Claps Back At Rich Dollaz



Former actress Stacey Dash claps back at Love and Hip Hop New York’s reality star, Rich Dollaz on Twitter. Can’t nobody tell me that Stacey Dash doesn’t like controversy. I believe she gets into these arguments with people on purpose so that she can remain relevant but the only thing she is doing is making a damn fool of herself.

The actress decided to clap back on Richie D and of course on Twitter and the fans went bonkers. She announced that she was running for congress, okay I’m so damned confused, what does she even know about politics? She reminds me of an air head, this is another attempt to remain in the public eye. Somebody needs to shut her down immediately, what qualifies her to run for congress? But I guess if we voted a reality star as the President, she can run from Congress.

This is what she tweeted:

“A number of people online and off have suggested I run for political office. I wanted to see what my online community thinks of this idea as I mull the possibilities. Thoughts?”

“In response to numerous calls for me to run for office, I am considering a run for Congress. Would love to know what my fans and friends think.”

Rich Dollaz is no dummy, he’s college educated, he owns several businesses so he had to express his opinion to this delusional a$$ chick.

Rich tweets: “Your as dumb as the chick you played n Clueless, ohhh my bad that’s why that’s the only movie you booked because that’s who your really are.”

Stacey claps back: “When you spell “you,” correctly you can call me dumb.”

Is she serious? This is social media and we all use abbreviations, u or you it means the same thing dodo bird and that’s precisely why she needs to sit her a$$ down and shut her big a$$ mouth up!

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