NBA’s Tristan Thompson VS LeBron James!!

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NBA athletes beefing, word on the street, Tristan Thompson and LeBron James were at each others throats during their game, Sunday against the Indiana Pacers. LeBron who was voted MVP last year has been in the game close to 17 years, he’s a veteran and he doesn’t like to lose. Tristan Thompson on the other hand, has been in the game close to five years.

I get that this is the NBA and everyone wants to win. but when it comes to men, they are always in competition with each other even when they are on the same team. Why were the two ballers beefing? The Cavs forward Kevin Love shot a 3 pointer while Tristan was supposed to be guarding him. That’s when the beef between Lebron and Tristan began, allegedly the two began yelling at each other during a team huddle which is a no, no. LeBron was tad bit upset about Paul George, who hit 16 shots for the Indiana Pacers, what was Tristan doing? LeBron felt that Tristan wasn’t guarding Paul, the athlete was open on the floor too many times and he shouldn’t have been able to make those many shots.

Although the Cavs won the game by 5 points and double overtime, LeBron was still not happy with himself even though he made 41 points. He just felt he needed to guard Paul because he didn’t like the way Tristan was supposed to guarding the player. The two switched up and Tristan wasn’t happy with LeBron taking over like that. Tristan wasn’t playing, maybe his mind was on Khloe, but I would be a little pissed as well, if I allowed someone to make 16 points on me.

After, the team huddle, LeBron went in on Tristan as they were walking to the bench, Tristan clapped back at his teammate, as if he didn’t care who LeBron James was, but he should care. LeBron is a veteran and can play his a$$ off, Tristan is still learning the game, most men don’t like to take constructive criticism and that sounds like Tristan. When he can play on LeBron’s level, then he can clap back, for now, learn from the MVP.

I guess LeBron felt bad about his behavior during the team huddle and he apologized to Tristan, it takes a real man to admit their wrongs and to own up to their mistakes. After the game, LeBron felt bad about yelling at his team mate, he says he has to do a better job at handling his behavior on the floor and with his teammates. Tristan accepted LeBron’s apology but this could cause a major tiff as the two players continue on the same team.

Lebron James is only human, he bleeds red just like we do, we all do things we shouldn’t do and reflect later. He’s just passionate about the game and he has always been that way!!