NBA’s Tristan Dumps Khloe!!

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Allegedly reality star Khloe Kardashian and NBA’s baller Tristan Thompson split, he dumped Khloe to focus on basketball but that’s debatable, its definitely more to the story. Who will be the next NBA player Khloe hooks up with?

Once you go black, you never go back and once you have dated one NBA player, there will be more to follow. Reliable sources close to the couple claim the two are having issues with their relationship and it could have something to do with the fact he has a child and he’s probably spending more time with Jordy and his baby. Tristan is young, he’s 26 years old and Khloe is 32 years old and she has been married before, for me, she wasn’t right for him especially knowing that his ex-girlfriend at the time was carrying his baby.

Word on the street, his reason for dumping Khloe, he needs to focus on the playoffs. So is his saying that Khloe is a major distraction for him while he is playing? I call bull donkey on that, I believe he reconnected with his ex-girlfriend Jordy who is one beautiful woman.

Several sources are reporting that Khloe has been there for Tristan no matter the circumstances, as he goes into the NBA playoffs with the Cleveland Cavs, he does need to care more about his game than Khloe. NBA is his life, he has to focus and leave Khloe where he found her. Next week, she’ll be dating another NBA player, if she isn’t already.

Naturally the ballers career is his life and he doesn’t need any distractions but I know there is more to their split. We all know there are three sides to a story, his side, her side and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Basketball is his priority, his career means the world to him and right now that’s all he is focusing on.

As I stated before, Tristan wants his baby mama back, he is working on getting her back but I think Jordy should move on from him. He dumped her while she was pregnant for Khloe and that hurt her heart, now he wants her back? Okay, I just don’t believe it. That’s some dirty underhanded sh$t, maybe he just needed a break from baby mama but he should have never been in a relationship while his girlfriend was pregnant, especially a Kardashian. They have some voodoo embedded in them somewhere, they can suck a man in for life. I’m just glad he woke up and realized his game was more important that Khloe Kardashian.

I don’t blame him for wanting Jordy back, she is his child’s mother and her body is snatched. She is a beautiful young lady and she never went on social media airing out her dirty laundry or going for Khloe on social media. That tells you a lot about her character, Khloe is thirsty and she wants to get married and have babies with a NBA player, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Khloe has nothing on Jordyn, she is Tristan’s baby mama, she’s gorgeous and yes her body is snatched. Khloe on the other hand is not the cutest chick in the world, if he chooses to pursue Jordy, he has good reason to fight for her love even though I don’t agree. I just don’t think she should get back with him after he embarrassed her for the world to see while she was pregnant. Khloe was wrong as HELL for dating this man knowing his ex was having his baby, she’s a thirst bucket.