NBA’s Nick Young Marries Keonna Green!!

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Allegedly, Nick Young who plays in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers, secretly got married to no other than his baby mama, Keonna Green. Now, Keonna joined the hit reality show, Basketball Wives LA upcoming season which will premiere, Sunday April 17, 2017 on VH1!!

Nick Young, who dated rapper and model Iggy Azalea for a few years couldn’t make it work, the two had issues after learning that ex-girlfriend and mother of his 1st child, Keonna was pregnant for the second time while he was still with Iggy. Iggy couldn’t cope or deal with the baby mama drama and for her, Nick was holding on to the mother of his child, while trying to maintain their relationship. But, when the sh$t hit the fan, Iggy not only broke up with her ex-baller boo but she also tossed all of his items on the lawn in front of the house they shared together. Now, we have heard rumors that she and Nick may have re-kindled their explosive relationship, however, since learning that he may have married his children’s mother, we can safely say, “its a wrap!”

Nick Young is a small forward and shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been in the league since 2007 and has no plans of retiring early, not now anyway with a growing family and now an alleged wife. Word on the street, Nick and Keonna allegedly decided to get married in private without sharing the news with anyone. Its funny how Basketball Wives LA premiere’s Sunday, April 17, 2017 and the two allegedly get married before the show actually premieres. I believe they got married before the show aired, with the history of the hit reality show, you’re not a real basketball wife if you aren’t currently married, already married or were married.

Keonna claims that she and Nick have history and now the they have two children together. A reliable source close to Nick says the NBA athlete is ready to be in love and commit to one woman, not buying it, he is still young and wet behind the ears. This source claims that in Nick’s mind, his ex-girlfriend Iggy wasn’t the one for him but, now he feels in his heart that Keonna is the one. He claims that he has always had love for her since they were in high school, hence that is where the history comes from.

Nick claims she’s a great mother, lover and friend and all around woman, she has always been the one who could keep him in line. Somehow, this sounds like bull sh$t, but if she likes it, I love it and will congratulate the happy couple on their nuptials if the rumors are true.

Basketball Wives LA producers wanted to share the news on the show, but somehow the story was leaked and at this point it was nothing they could do. Again, congrats to Nick and Keonna, we wish them best!!!!