NBA’s Matt Barnes Surrenders!!

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NBA’s Sacramento Kings Forward Matt Barnes has been going through some difficult situations within the last year. His h$e a$$ wife Gloria Govan formerly of Basketball Wives LA left him for a former teammate and coach Derek Fisher, who was also married at the same damn time. That was a low blow and since then, Matt has been in and out of trouble.

Now, word on the street, the baller has been accused of allegedly assaulting a “possible girlfriend” at a nightclub in New York City. The Sacramento Kings forward has reportedly turned himself in to the New York Police Department. He was expected to surrender this past Friday and did so on Wednesday morning according to the New York Post.

Allegedly, Matt was “issued a desk appearance ticket for misdemeanor assault,” which basically means he wasn’t arrested. The ticket serves as an order for him to appear in a New York City Criminal Court for arraignment. Damn, that is definitely not a good look for the father of two growing sons.

There isn’t a date set for his arraignment as of yet, however Matt is being sued by a couple that was at the nightclub on the night of the alleged assault, people will find ways to make money off of your success but, he did put himself in that position. According to the couple, Matt punched them while they were trying to break up the fight. If Matt was a regular Joe blow, would this couple have intervened? I think not, I just don’t trust people’s motives and its always a catch to everything.

Sacramento Kings All-Star DeMarcus Cousins was at the club with Matt and is also being sued by the couple. So why is DeMarcus being sued by this couple, did he punch them too? People are funny, this is the, “what have you done for me lately,” generation and the, “I will sue you for anything,” generation.

The Kings have not yet released a statement on Matt Barnes’ surrender, he is still expected to play in Sacramento’s next game against the Phoenix Suns on Friday. I hope Matt can get himself together, since his break with Gloria things have been going down hill for him. He can’t allow his situation at home to affect his skills on the court or even a relationship he may be pursuing. Gloria is a snake, she sneaky and he shouldn’t ever want her back especially when she has been all up in Derek Fisher’s world!!