NBA’s LeBron James Bans Khloe From Games

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Word on the street, social media is on fire, allegedly NBA Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James has banned Khloe Kardashian from all games. Now, some people may not agree with his logic but I definitely understand why he feels the way that he does. Khloe is a distraction for Tristan Thompson and these two were supposed to be over with, so why is she attending his games? Not only that, allegedly her sister Kylie has been flirting with Tristan, so why would she place herself in a trick boat like that?

Khloe is thirsty and desperate, she isn’t the cutest women ever, so I guess she feels she needs to hold on to the NBA player who is also supposed to be back with his child’s mother Jordy. But, these Kardashian’s and Jenners, don’t give a f$ck about nobody but themselves and they will take your man if you allow them.

Lebron has allegedly taken control of this situation, there games can be in jeopardy if Tristan’s head is not in the game, basketball is their life and their livelihood, so why even attempt to throw your career around for a basketball THOT?

Lebron feels that Tristan doesn’t need any distractions from this basketball THOT as they go further into the NBA playoffs. Khloe was also allegedly told that she’s “banned” from the finals if the Cavs make it all the way! She needs to stay away, this is his career and he needs to man the f$ck up and tell her not to attend any games. Last month he broke up with her to concentrate and focus on his game and she’s back? That clearly shows disrespect for the entire team, especially Tristan.

Khloe and LeBron have had their issues in the past, he isn’t impressed by her at all. She allegedly became upset with LeBron after he got angry with Tristan on the court and blamed him for letting Pacers player Paul George, score 16 consecutive points in a game. She needs to stay in her lane, they are athletes, they will fuss and fight to the end but at the end of the day, they are a team and they will always come together no matter what. That is exactly why she needs stay in her lane at home and watch her wannabe baller boo play without being in attendance.

“Khloe saw LeBron go ham on Tristan and, naturally, she didn’t like it,” a reliable source close to Khloe reports. “TT’s family now and when you mess with him, you mess with her!” Khloe allegedly tried to help LeBron and Tristan move past the verbal altercation but that ain’t her business.

“She encouraged TT and Bron to work it out and get on the same page because not only are they teammates, they’re also brothers,” a reliable source reports. “Khloe knows how much they love one another on and off the court and she knows they’ll be back to being 💯 again.”

And that’s why she needs to remove herself entirely until the season and the playoffs are over. Tristan and LeBron are athletes, the game of basketball is there life and that’s just how it goes. I’m glad LeBron put her in her place but Tristan needed to man up and cut ties with her completely until the entire season is over. Now if wants to rekindle his relationship with an ugly basketball THOT, that’s on him, but allow him to play the best ball ever.