NBA’s Iman Shumpert Allegedly Married?

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Rumors are swirling on several social media sites and the blogs that allegedly, Teyana Taylor and NBA athlete, her fiance, Iman Shumpert who are engaged, or that’s what the streets are saying, have tied the knot already.

We all know Teyana Taylor, she is always on social media but I remember her from the reality show, “my sweet sixteen,” and she was a bit of a tomboy. On her 16th birthday instead of turning up and having party or getting a car, she wanted a custom made bike and her mom made that possible. I was really impressed by her at only 16 years old, she didn’t break her mom’s pockets.

Teyana and Iman appeared at the VMA’s together where she performed in Kanye West’s video “Fade, she was in the entire video of the song, and she did the damn thing, her body was tight, she was on fleek after giving birth to her daughter at home Iman. How did she bounce back like that, but the video is the sh$t. I wonder why Kanye used Teyana in his video, she has a huge attitude, she’s outspoken and well spoken, but she did what she had to do with those flawless dance moves.

While Teyana was in her last month of her pregnancy, her fiance’ had to actually deliver the baby at home while getting instructions over the phone. He did a HELL of a job, because he delivered their baby beautiful baby daughter, the first child for both.

The couple seems to really be in love as they appeared at the VMA’s hand in hand. Fans have fallen in love with these two, they are just stunting around together enjoying life and themselves. That love gives a person goose bumps and that’s what all women want.

Everything seems to be going well with the couple, Iman Shumpert helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA championship this year, this couple is on its away to the top.

Teyana spoke to the blogs and media outlets regarding the music video she did for Kanye, “To have that moment with him, only made that moment so much sexier, so much more genuine, so much more pure. You felt it off the screen. When I watched it, I felt the love because it was something that I shared with my husband.”

The word, “husband,” social media is overflowing assuming these two tied the knot. If they did, congrats to the happy couple and if they haven’t, fans will be watching for wedding. We wish them both continued success and happiness.