NBA ‘s Carmelo & LaLa Split!!

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NBA’s New York Knick’s Carmelo Anthony and wife LaLa Anthony have allegedly split due to rumors that he knocked up a stripper while still being married to his wife.

What I have a hard time understanding is why would men sleep with another woman, whether it is a stripper or a girl down street and not protect themselves from getting her pregnant? LaLa may have been able to forgive his affair with the stripper had he not gotten her pregnant, allegedly. Its like they think with the wrong head and that would be the penis. A man should never allow his penis to control his world, he can get himself in a lot of trouble.

Carmelo and LaLa have been married for 7 years and have one son together. She has reportedly moved out of their NYC apartment with their son and has moved into her own apartment in the city. Carmelo allegedly met this dancer at a gentlemen’s club in New York and she is now demanding that he pays for her medical expenses related to her 6 1/2 months pregnancy.

The Anthony’s marriage has allegedly been on the rocks for the last couple of years but they stayed together as a family. LaLa has been trying to get her foot in the acting field where she can land a job on a series but she hasn’t been that lucky and she isn’t the greatest actress in the world.

In the early 2000’s, LaLa was as a MTV VJ on Total Request Live and she has hosted several reality show reunion specials. She has also been on several drama series but not as a regular actress. She is still working her way into the acting field, she had a good role on Power but she was even killed on that show. Maybe acting isn’t her thing, she was a great VJ on MTV and a great host on these reality show reunions.

However, life has to be difficult for her right now after finding out about her husband and an alleged stripper who claims to be pregnant by him. Their 10 year old son will learn about his fathers indiscretions if they don’t tell him first because kids are cruel.

I really hope these are just rumors, this is another couple I hate to see fall. They are so cute together but they have been married for a number of years, they were allegedly having problems when he allegedly stepped out on her. Rumors have also hit social media saying she had an affair with NBA baller Kevin Garnett. Not too sure about that but two wrongs never make a right!!