NBA James Harden & Karreuche Tran!!

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Allegedly NBA All Star James Harden has been creeping on the low low with Karreuche Tran. The streets are talking and they are saying the baller has allegedly been dating Karrueche for a minute now, but has kept it as quiet as possible.

The two met last year during his white party in Los Angeles and have been secretly dating each other over the past few months. They’ve been spotted out dining at L.A. hotspots including Katana, Crustacean and Toca Madera. Karreuche is definitely a step up from Khloe Kardashian who is dating NBA baller Tristan Thomspon. Now her vagina gets around the NBA and she can’t blame nobody but herself.

Chris Brown may not be happy about his ex dating James Harden but they aren’t together and she has the right to date who she wants. I love Chris Brown, so at the end of the day no matter what, I will have his back. He can do much better than Karreuche, trust that.

A rep for Karrueche states that “Karrueche isn’t and hasn’t ever dated James Harden.” That’s what her rep gets paid to say, they want to keep it quiet, they have every right too. The truth reveal itself soon and very soon.

Karrueche was with her friend Seiko as she rooted for James and his team last week. She was also seen in the stands supporting him at the Rockets game against the Lakers Thursday. After his team loss, Karrueche partied with him and friends at Warwick nightclub.

Karrueche who is a pretty young lady but their isn’t really anything so special about her, unless her head game is on point, but she has no body, no a$$ or breasts and that’s okay, if a man likes your natural beauty, that’s a real man who will value you. Karreuche doesn’t need bodily enhancements, she carries herself well and she is a very pretty young lady, they say she might be the perfect lady for James Beard.

As always, the truth will reveal itself, sooner rather than later.