Monica’s Opens Up About Ciara!!

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Following Ciara’s break-up with Future, rumors began to swirl that Ciara’s friendship with fellow singer Monica ended because of the called-off engagement.

With the streets talking and speculating R&B singer Monica had knowledge of Future’s alleged infidelity and that she had maintained a friendship with the mother of another one of the rapper’s children. If Monica was friends with Ciara before they started dating, then as her friend, Monica should have told Ciara that her baby daddy Future is cheating on her but, even with a friend, you have to be careful with that information because they will turn it around on you saying you’re jealous or something DUMB like that. Now if Monica and Future were friends before Ciara, Monica has a right to maintain a relationship with all of Future’s baby mothers. Its nothing wrong with Ciara maintaining some sort of communication with them all knowing they all have the same baby’s father. SMH!!

Amidst the rumors, Monica was probed about the rumors during an interview and decided to set the record straight. Admitting that she and Ciara did have a falling out, she denied it had any connection with Future.

“I read something that I didn’t tell her about somebody cheating, none of that stuff is true,” she said. “They say I was friends with somebody he was cheating with, none of that stuff is true. I am friends with on of the mothers of one of Future’s children, but it’s the mom that you never see, you never hear, that Ciara also has a good relationship with. So a lot of the stuff you read is very untrue. Nothing that happened with us had anything to do with him.”

Sharing that their severed friendship stemmed from unresolved issues during their nearly two decade-long relationship, Monica also noted that she retained love and support for Ciara although they are not on good terms. The singer was also asked for her take on the controversy surrounding Ciara’s courtship with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Monica really has no opinion of Ciara’s new relationship, remember they aren’t friends anymore.

I wonder what could have severed their friendship?? It could be anything especially from the friendship between Monica and Future’s baby mother or the infidelity issue, maybe Ciara felt betrayed and never received an apology from Monica but what would she be apologizing for?? Whatever the reason, I’m sure its petty!!