Mona Scott Young & Xscape!!

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The Queen of the Love and Hip Hop Francise, Mona Scott-Young is producing the Xscape biopic with Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott. This is something definitely new to Mona Scott-Young, but anything she touches, is successful, so I wouldn’t blame Xscape for allowing her to produce this biopic.

Mona Scott-Young is President and CEO of Monami Entertainment and according to several sources, the first biopic will tell the story of the group Xscape. Xscape was a 90’s girls group, who weren’t your average singing group but when they released the song, “Just Kickin It,” that song was the sh$t and I had to know who this group was. They weren’t your everyday girls group, they weren’t trying to be sexy, they wore baggy clothes, t-shirts, boots and headbands. I think they were successful due to the way they dressed, how they carried themselves and their songs. I could relate to them and so could every other girl I knew at my age, the groups skyrocketed after that.

Xscape has 3 consecutive Platinum albums and they were on the Billboard 100 list for weeks upon weeks, that’s how great this group was. In 2017, the group announced that they would reunite for a comeback tour which sounds good bur I hope that is true. I would definitely go see them in concert, only if they only did their old music but Tiny, Tamika and Kandi all have small children and I’m not sure how that will work being on tour. On the last episode of the Family Hustle, it seemed as if TI was excited that Tiny and the group reconnected and were able to work out their differences and discussing music but when she brought of the tour, he said, “no,” what he doesn’t realize, he and Tiny are legally separated and may get a divorce. He won’t be able to control her or her career, he has a say so with Heiress but he can’t control Tiny. He asked her where would there daughter be while she is on tour and she said with her. He definitely objected to that and told her she needs to stay home, his daughter will not be on the road touring. But, we will have to see how that plays out.

By Mona taking the reigns of their biopic, the group was excited to have someone who has the talent and the history to take their biopic to new levels. Together they will be able to tell their story in their words without having to hire actors/actresses when they are still, alive and kicking it. The group had some good times and they had some bad times but what can you expect with a group of girls who are young and trying to reach the next level?

We are definitely looking forward to the come back tour and their biopic. These young women have gone through a lot but they have managed to reconnect as a group and make some things happen. I wish hadn’t taken forever, but nonetheless they are working together again as a group of talented black women.