MOBDIVA “Is You Rolling”

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Mobdiva newest song “Is You Rolling,” is very catchy, the video is dope and this is a great summer song while you’re riding in the car with your girls. I ran across this beautiful young lady on Facebook and everything she does promotes positivity especially when it comes to women and children. She recently lost her son due to gun violence and she’s an advocate for change, she has not allowed the people who took her son away to take her away. She has so much to do on this earth and she’s just starting.

I am impressed with her spirit, her motivation and her talent, I definitely see big things in her future. As black women, we must support each other and I am big on supporting anyone I feel has that gift and she definitely does. Don’t be surprised if you see her on the BET Awards in 2018, that’s how much faith I have in her. She has so many other songs and videos, check her out on her website MOBDIVA, you will be surprised and impressed just as I am. I love to see my sisters elevate and work hard to accomplish their dreams, anything is possible when you work hard to attain those goals.

Mobdiva is a female rap artist and I can honestly say she’s up there with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and definitely Azealia Banks, she kills those wannabe rappers. She’ll be performing with Remy MA, Lil Kim or Queen Latifah very soon, trust me on that! She has sexy verses without having to get graphic and she has fun with it, her video to “Is You Rollin”, is fun, cute, sexy and catchy, I love it and I’m sure you will too.

MOBDIVA’S current single “IS YOU ROLLIN” is produced by the Olympicks, she’s not just doing music, she has her hands in so many other things, she just recently added to her brand, she will add hair model to the many other opportunities on her plate as well as her official site for Atlanta BASED HAIR BUNDLE CO. DIAMOND WEFTS! MOBDIVA will also model for Detroit stylist “PRETTIY N PIYNK” ON DEC. 3rd 2017 while launching her T-SHIRT LINE M.O.B. MONEY OVER BOYZ.

So yes, this little lady has a lot going on and we wish her success in all of her endeavors. I see great opportunities making a way for her future. As black women, less hate and more support. Check out her website and definitely check out her song and video, you won’t be disappointed!!

  • Yolanda

    Thank you SO much!!! Many blessings to you beautiful Sister! ❤❤❤ MOBDIVA.COM