Mimi Dating WNBA Tamera Young!!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi Faust is still trying to figure out if she really likes women or is she going through a phase? I say the chick is going through a phase, she doesn’t trust men right now but guess what? Women are just as ruthless as men!!

However, it looks like Mimi may have just confirmed her relationship with the WNBA player in a Instagram pic. “She keeps me smiling,” Mimi wrote beneath a photo of her looking happy as it looked like Tamera gazed down at her. Mimi has even hinted at her relationship with the basketball player before and I guess this is her way of coming out.

Mimi is being closed mouth about who she is dating but she says she is actually dating someone, but she isn’t dating different people. She did not give all the details away, but was happy to say her new relationship was “actually doing great.” As to whether we’d get to see Mimi going on any dates on the new season of Love & Hip Hop, she only said, “Welllllllll… You are going to have to stay tuned.”

Mimi was in a lesbian relationship last season on the hit reality show with someone by the name of Chris. This Chris didn’t seem like Mimi’s type and Mimi also revealed that she didn’t do oral on Chris, she doesn’t do that but she loves for it to be done to her. She was confused because this doesn’t seem like she is a lesbian and her BFF Ariane didn’t believe that Mimi was. We all know that Ariane is into women but she says she and Mimi have never ventured into that lane, they are and will forever be BFF’s.

Mimi has definitely moved on from the drama with baby daddy Stevie J, and Joseline. ““I could really give two sh-ts about Stevie and Joseline. Honestly, I don’t care! I could care less,” she says. Mimi said she had reached the end of her rope with Stevie and is done trying to figure him out. Stevie is a funny man, she knows Stevie probably better than anyone, he just doesn’t keep it real with Mimi and I think that’s her issue.

“I think it is disgusting. I don’t understand him and I’ve stopped trying. Of everything that I have ever seen, I don’t get it, I don’t want to get it. They can stay over there with that craziness. It is not cool!”

Tamera seems to be a good look for Mimi, maybe this relationship is real and can possibly turn into something good.