Mike Tyson Diss Track Aimed At Soulja Boy “If You Show Up”

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Championship fighter Mike Tyson decides to record a diss song for the fight between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. This is the funniest sh$t I have ever heard, Mike Tyson can’t even speak English clearly so how was he able to record a diss track? Easy, when you have money, you can do anything.

The feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown has reached new level especially after it was announced that former heavy weight champion Mike Tyson would train Chris Brown for his match, like this is a real fight. Iron Mike took it upon himself to showcase his loyalty to Chris Brown and record a diss track aimed at Soulja Boy.

Mike Tyson drops his track geared at Soulja Boy, the kind of lyrics we’d have expected of him back in the 1990s when he was still beating people for a living.

Of course, it’s all because he’s back in fight mode right now, coaching Chris Brown for his upcoming fight with rapper Soulja Boy which we still can’t believe is going down. I feel like this is a nightmare and I will soon wake up and this was all in my head. If only, social media is on fire with this Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight.

Mike Tyson is coaching C. Breezy while the undefeated Floyd Mayweather coaches Soulja Boy. The winner in this dumb a$$ fight for me is Chris Brown especially with Mike Tyson backing him up. I wish these two weren’t fighting, all this does is give people the right to lump all of us black folk in the same shell.

So far, Mike Tyson has only dropped the hook, but it has been reported that Chris Brown will be recording his verse later in the week and there will be a music video made once it’s done. Listen to the hook for “If You Show Up” below to get a sense for what the main theme of the track is.

Mike Tyson raps about what will happen if Soulja Boy dares enter the ring with Chris Brown. Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather need to stop this fight, let them duke it out in the studio, that’s what they do best. But, I must admit, a rap song by Mike Tyson backing Chris Brown up makes dollars and sense.

The fight has been relocated to Dubai and not Las Vegas. I am really wondering if this fight will actually happen, I can see Soulja Boy not showing up.